Nickelodeon TMNT Raphael

After reviewing Michelangelo and Donatello, it is time to review Raphael toy from the Nickelodeon series.

Raphael has always be a loner in movie and comic but in the latest series, Raphael seems to be more as a team player. However he is constantly having anger management issue and like to bully Donatello and Michelangelo.

Raphael retain his red Bandana and if you have not notice the older TMNT in comic are all wearing the red Bandana. 

Raphael skin for this version are more darker green and the texture seems to be more rough. His teeth are kinda yellowish compare to the color of his eyes and his shell are very much damaged compare to the rest. One notice scar was on his left upper corner having a lightning pattern chip off.

Raphael is master of his close range weapon called Sai. In the series he had history defeating Leonardo and the rest. You can say he is most skilled for fighting.

His double sai can disarmed swords and other close or mid range weapon as he can swing the weapon is a fast speed. For the toy, the weapons are made of soft plastic and the edges are more rounded.

The weapons can be placed at the back of belt and it look great! From the point of scale, his weapons seem to be bigger than usual.

However when placed on his hands, the scale look reasonable. Raphael can do some good pose for his articulations.

My child bought this out for our outing and when he was not paying attention I managed to get some outdoor shot of Raphael.

Raphael rooming about int he grassland.

He is quick to pull out his weapon for any danger. Don't try to fool around with him. He is the least TMNT you ever want to cross path with.

Here is Raphael again enjoying his "ME" time alone away from his master and his brothers so he can hang loose.

Although Raphael is not my favorite TMNT but I can comprehend the growing up pain he has to go through to find himself and where he stand.

As for the toy, this is the most amazing Raphael I have seen so far.


Lesley said…
WOW! I'm impressed, I have a similar post with the Shell Raiser van and Raphael. He's my favorite.

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