S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider X Coming

If you are those early Kamen Rider fan who catch the series, you will surely remember Kamen Rider X. I know I do as this is the second Kamen Rider I have seen from my childhood and was one of my favorite.

He came from 1974 series but I only get to watched the series years later and if I remember it was dubbed in Chinese which I can understand. He was a son of a professor and he later avenge his father.

I love his style and bike and like all Riders, they have their rider Kick!

As for accessories, this toy has 3 form of his weapon from sword to staff and also a extra set of hands.

I will always remember Kamen Rider X as that was the first Kamen rider I watched in Chinese and for national TV to air such sci-fi show was rare.

This figure is set to release in May 2013 at listed price 3,360 Yen. Thank goodness this is not a web exclusive.

Is this Kamen Rider X also in your special list?


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