BANPRESTO SCultures Dragonball 2013

It's Tuesday again and it is time for me to share some Dragonball goodness on Dragonball Tuesday here at Open the Toy. :)

Here are the coming BANPRESTO  SCultures series for Dragonball for 2013.

For June 2013 is Android 18 with her one of the kind sitting position.

And also the childhood Chi Chi on Nimbus cloud

In July 2013, it's the Fat Buu with exchangeable head. Pretty cool.

In August 2013, Goku in casual wear which we hardly see him in drinking water from canteen with his backpack and his Nyoi-bō.

In September 2013, Master Roshi which I love the details of this figure! Love those sneakers.

These series is great for display. Look out for it.


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