Dragon Quest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Here are some of the loose pieces of trading figure from SQUARE ENIX Dragon Quest V, Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

Dragon Quest V original came out on SNES or in Japan it is called Super Famicom console. Here is the cover of the game. Back then the company was called Enix.

If you find resemblance of Dragon Quest drawing like Dragon ball that is because the artist of Dragonball, Akira Toriyama is the artist for this game title.

Simon the main lead was not really a hero type as a fighter and was very much contented with his life until the pasting of his father and he was taken into slavery. For ten years as a builder for a temple for the Order of Light until he escaped.

After his escape, he reunited with his childhood friend, Bianca.

Originally the Simon show much affection on Nera Briscoletti aka Flora.

Simon wanted to collect the Ring of Fire and Ring of Water to marry Flora.

This is Bianca. Simon's childhood friend and they went on quest together.

Much later Simon found he love Bianca Whitaker more and they were married and had a twin.

Unfortunately, Bianca was kiddnapped by Monsters while Simon got betrayed and turn into stone.

Both children were left to fence for themselves and raised in Heroism.

Lola, daughter of Simon and  Bianca. As young as she is, she is quite a powerful girl.

While Erdrick, the twin brother of Lola was quite a fighter too.

Eventually these children free his father Simon.

There suppose to be total of 12 pieces but today review only a couple in that series.

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