Revoltech Naked Snake MGS Coming

This week, news of Metal Gear Solid having 25th anniversary will be releasing the Metal Gear Solid Naked Snake in Revoltech series from Kaiyodo.

This Snake is from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker series.From the prototype, Snake will be having a silencer revolver and a M16. It was said that the eye can be articulated too (even though he has only one).

The figure also come with a big card board with the 25th printed on it. Now for non-gamer would not get why there is this card board box. The card board is one of the handy stealth option in the Metal Gear Solid game that prevent enemy spotting you. Now you may still think it is silly but sometime it work like a charm.  

Although there are other toy manufacturer that product Snake in 12" and 10" such as Square Enix Play arts Kai, this revoltech series from Kaiyodo would be more affordable in 5 or 6". Knowing Revoltech series that offer good articulation, this could be a good choice since this is a 25th Anniversary edition so to speak.

The listed price is 3,980Yen and will be out on April 15.

Will you be getting this Naked Snake?


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