1/6 Iornman Mark XLII Hot Toys and Kotobukiya

If you are a fan of the Ironman Mark XLII from Ironman, you are in luck as there are two 1/6 figure for you to choose from. As we read this post, you will notice the similarity.

Let's begin with Hot Toys with their new Power Pose series for 1/6 scale. This series are more on display as unlike other Hot Toys line, this figure has very limited articulation.

It do come with good painting and details

The only articulation simulated is one of it's leg and the feet.

The accessory wise, there a extra leg, stand holder and also LED for the hands. No price point given yet and the release will be in Q2 of 2013

On the corner Kotobukiya who have been doing much display figure is also releasing their own version of Ironman Mark XLII in 1/6 scale too.

As the mature maker of display figure, the pose have water like display base

LED will be on his eyes, chest and hand.

The price is not fixed yet but it will also be release in Q2 of 2013.

As a collector and consumer, you now have to make a choice if you can only get one.

So who would you choose if you can only have the budget to get one of this Ironman?


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