31 October 2012

7 Halloween Toys

It's Halloween today and it would be proper to go through some toys that were reviewed here which has a Halloween feel to it!

These toys need to be special and have to have supernatural in nature. So let us begin.

1. Rock Zombie
The first is an Undead and it's a she! Zombie Zebal Zarock is from the Capcom Arcade game, Darkstalkers. She is a zombie although she may not bite but her Guitar will!

2. Undead with a Broken SoulThe second is another Undead who came back to life from death just to get revenge for his love. He was formerly know as Eric Daven and came back to life with the power of the Crow. He is very Halloween theme but don't mess around with him as he will not rest until his enemies are dead.


3. Zombie who DanceNext is another Zombie in away that is not so scary but he is sure popular. It is Michael Jackson Thriller! which I reviewed just for Halloween.

4. Vampire of VampireThe next is another Undead Undead. Did I said two times Undead? Yes do not be mistake because he was a Vampire (Undead) but then he was killed and raise to kill Vampire by sucking the vampire spirit. It is none other than Raziel from a popular PC game Soul Reaver, He was reviewed for Halloween post in this blog.

5. Agent of Death
Next yet another agent of Death or shall I say Death itself. The Grim Reaper which I have him as a Playmobil figure. He even glown in the dark!

6. Shinigami
In another part of the world, there is another agent of death which the Japanese called them Shinigami which is Death god. They kill by writing your name in the Deathnote and seriously these Shinigami enjoy to give mortal to use this power. One of which is REM but he is a rather good death god which he gave up his existence for a mortal girl.

7. Nazgul
Finally the last would be the Nazgul aka the ring wraith. Formless and cold, they will stop at nothing to do the bidding of the master of the One ring. Their form is as empty as their soul. Slave to the One Ring.

So there you have it. Seven Halloween theme toys! Do click on the link in their respective post to read more of the review of these toys.

Which is the best Halloween theme toys in this post?

Have a Happy Halloween. :)

29 October 2012

Figma Michael Jackson Thriller

I have been waiting for a good time to review this special Figma figure or should I say the only Michael Jackson toy in my collection. Since it is Halloween soon, it will be a good time to review Michael Jackson Thriller figure from Max factory Figma series.

I jumped on the news of this release because I think the size and the price of this figure would be within my personal budgets. However the wait was long and there were couple of delay.

The design of the box show two side of the MJ Thriller figure and I think it is a great idea to pay tribute to the video that gave much birth to MTV video.

At the back of the packaging are various pose of this figure can do.

Like all MJ license, it is important to buy a product that is approve and License my Michael Jackson estate. With proof, it would be the Michael Jackson in 1998 for Asia region. 

Not only there were print, there was a 3D license sticker of it.

Since I cover much of the packaging, it is time to OPEN THE TOY!!

The toy comes with a main figure, extra face and a couple of hands.

There are 2 sets of white hands for it to give to any figma figure to do the Thriller dance while MJ would just have another set of hands for himself.

MJ have a couple of hands for himself. Since this version of MJ is the Thriller era, it was the time where MJ has not gone fairer which due to his skin condition.

I will not get into the any argument of Black or White issue as this is a toy review.

Time for this Figma MJ to say Hi to his fans! *Clap Clap Clap

There you have it. A good resemblance of MJ in Anime form for his look from the front view.

From the side view, you can see this MJ seems to give him a bigger ears. Maybe it has to do with the hair that kinda make the ear bigger. Since it is a Anime version I think it pretty okay.

Now the Thriller outfit was pretty accurate to me. Max Factory uses a soft rubber plastic to make the outfit to give the glossy jacket feel.

Beside the suit, one of the iconic MJ kit would be his white sock and black shoes. This figure did a good job for MJ dancing shoes.

It is important to make MJ to do Moonwalk although in Thriller he did not do that.

But in Thriller, MJ did do this pose at the "Cause this is Thriller..Woohoo". :P

From the back MJ look good. However there was a hole on his back which is for this figure support when you need to pose him in some pose. If only the hole can be invisible that would be great for the back.

Now Michael if you may, please turn back so we can continue the review.


Michael we need to continue.... Michael?...

What the!!

Oh here is the Zombie mode!

With some the Zombie move from the Thriller...

Come to think of it, the dance move of Thriller can bring some of the living to shame since Zombie can dance quite well and cool...

And they can dance together in unity. Talk about No Brainers....

Eh... I am not talking about you Michael. You dance pretty well...

Please don't come closer.... Its not halloween yet and I don't want to use my Zombie kit...


Okay joke aside. I want to end the review in a good note.

As a MJ fan, I love this figure for the duel mode of MJ in Thriller. Personally the normal mode was the best as it resemble the smile of MJ during that timeline.

For tribute to this great entertainer and artist of his time, it is fitting to have a good figure to remember him by.

Are you a fan of Michael Jackson's Music?

27 October 2012

Mattel Monster High Dolls

Halloween is coming and it is a good time to share with you Monsters High, a doll series that is quite a twist from tradition.

If these Dolls came out less than a decades ago, many parents would have make noise but Mattel now is brave enough to test out alternate marketing to have such Monster Dolls for the girls.

This dolls still is slim but each as their own Monster persona such as the Spectra Vondergeist who is a haunting beauty. Even she is pale she still have high cheek bones and colorful make up. In short you may think she is Gothic chick.

Even though they are Monster theme, the dolls are not ugly. In fact they are quite stylish and have modern accessories like Barbie.

Here is the Draculaura, daughter of Count Dracula and a vegan vampire...Vegan...See they are not even harmful!

With various Monster theme and origin, they are many for dolls collectors to get.

If any of the characters need new wardrobe, there are individual packs to get

If you want to create your own character, there is a mix and match pack for your to customize from head to toe and you will get 250 combination for Create-A-Monster

In truth this dolls cannot even be name as Monster as they still look pretty good looking and doll like. It is an alternative look for a younger and wilder generation to play.

What is your opinion of this move from Mattel?

25 October 2012

Transformers Prime Dark Energon series

In the last quarter of this year, Hasbro and TakaraTomy will be releasing the Dark Energon version of some of the Transformers Prime series 1 released. What is the difference?

This series will have translucent part which suppose to be result of exposure to Dark Energon which also mean for some collectors instead of "repaint". The bonus is they have unique paint schemes of fan-favorite characters for collectors to collect once again...

For Voyager are both Optimus Prime

And the Dark Energon Megatron!

As for the deluxe class for Autobots are Bumblebee and Wheeljack

And Decepticon are Starscream and Knockout

Personally I felt Megatron for this series with Dark translucent parts is very appropriate.

These should be here before Christmas. Someone can get these for Christmas present. *Hint Hint


22 October 2012

4 MILO TREXI to Collect!

If you are a lover of MILO beverages and a Toy collector, here are something for you to collect! 7-Eleven and Nestle MILO is having a promotion to get these four exclusive limited Edition Trexi toys!

All you need to do is to purchase any 2 MILO products inclusive of 1 MILORTD cans and follow the SMS instruction below.

From 10th Oct to 23th Oct 2012, it will be 1960s Mr. MILO

From 24th Oct to 6th Nov 2012, it will be 1980s Mr. MILO

From 7th Nov to 20 Nov 2012, it will be 2000s Mr. MILO

From 21th Nov to 4th Dec 2012, it will be 2020s Mr. MILO

So if are into MILO, get these toys!!

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