S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Cyclone Bike

Since I reviewed my S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider 1, I wanted to get a Cyclone bike for him to complete the look. However the retro design was not made and only the new Kamen Rider 1 Cyclone were manufacture. I got this with a help of a toy collector whom get some during the Crazy Toy sale recently.

It was on sales and the box condition was not that good as you know it was on sales and there will be shopper whom care less the condition of the merchandise. Anyway the back of the box shows the features on Cyclone and how good it is with the new Kamen rider first.

To me Cyclone is known for it's logo.

The bike offer additional set of the handles for exchanging.

There is a simple instruction sheet that comes with it.

Here is the full glory of the new Cyclone.

I personally love the metallic red paint on the new cyclone and I love the new headlight design. Conventional yet never grow old with times.

The detail of the bike are amazing. You got to see the belt and the gears.

A moveable stand like a real bike to keep the bike to stand balance.

The detail of the dashboard however is missing.

For exhaust there were two. One on the butt...

another on the side. I love the toning spray on the exhaust. 

There were also brake system detail on the wheels.

On the whole I love this bike design. 

Let's get my Kamen rider to try out his new bike!

This bike scale and design really suitable even for the retro Rider One.

The whole bike came to live when Kamen rider 1 sat on and ride it. Really look super!

I am grateful that a fellow toy collector sold this to me the same price as it was in the fair without charging me extra.

As for my Kamen Rider 1, he seems happy to finally got his own ride.

Go Go Rider!!

Are you a Kamen Rider fan?


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