Transformers Prime Dark Energon series

In the last quarter of this year, Hasbro and TakaraTomy will be releasing the Dark Energon version of some of the Transformers Prime series 1 released. What is the difference?

This series will have translucent part which suppose to be result of exposure to Dark Energon which also mean for some collectors instead of "repaint". The bonus is they have unique paint schemes of fan-favorite characters for collectors to collect once again...

For Voyager are both Optimus Prime

And the Dark Energon Megatron!

As for the deluxe class for Autobots are Bumblebee and Wheeljack

And Decepticon are Starscream and Knockout

Personally I felt Megatron for this series with Dark translucent parts is very appropriate.

These should be here before Christmas. Someone can get these for Christmas present. *Hint Hint



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