4 MILO TREXI to Collect!

If you are a lover of MILO beverages and a Toy collector, here are something for you to collect! 7-Eleven and Nestle MILO is having a promotion to get these four exclusive limited Edition Trexi toys!

All you need to do is to purchase any 2 MILO products inclusive of 1 MILORTD cans and follow the SMS instruction below.

From 10th Oct to 23th Oct 2012, it will be 1960s Mr. MILO

From 24th Oct to 6th Nov 2012, it will be 1980s Mr. MILO

From 7th Nov to 20 Nov 2012, it will be 2000s Mr. MILO

From 21th Nov to 4th Dec 2012, it will be 2020s Mr. MILO

So if are into MILO, get these toys!!


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