7 Halloween Toys

It's Halloween today and it would be proper to go through some toys that were reviewed here which has a Halloween feel to it!

These toys need to be special and have to have supernatural in nature. So let us begin.

1. Rock Zombie
The first is an Undead and it's a she! Zombie Zebal Zarock is from the Capcom Arcade game, Darkstalkers. She is a zombie although she may not bite but her Guitar will!

2. Undead with a Broken SoulThe second is another Undead who came back to life from death just to get revenge for his love. He was formerly know as Eric Daven and came back to life with the power of the Crow. He is very Halloween theme but don't mess around with him as he will not rest until his enemies are dead.


3. Zombie who DanceNext is another Zombie in away that is not so scary but he is sure popular. It is Michael Jackson Thriller! which I reviewed just for Halloween.

4. Vampire of VampireThe next is another Undead Undead. Did I said two times Undead? Yes do not be mistake because he was a Vampire (Undead) but then he was killed and raise to kill Vampire by sucking the vampire spirit. It is none other than Raziel from a popular PC game Soul Reaver, He was reviewed for Halloween post in this blog.

5. Agent of Death
Next yet another agent of Death or shall I say Death itself. The Grim Reaper which I have him as a Playmobil figure. He even glown in the dark!

6. Shinigami
In another part of the world, there is another agent of death which the Japanese called them Shinigami which is Death god. They kill by writing your name in the Deathnote and seriously these Shinigami enjoy to give mortal to use this power. One of which is REM but he is a rather good death god which he gave up his existence for a mortal girl.

7. Nazgul
Finally the last would be the Nazgul aka the ring wraith. Formless and cold, they will stop at nothing to do the bidding of the master of the One ring. Their form is as empty as their soul. Slave to the One Ring.

So there you have it. Seven Halloween theme toys! Do click on the link in their respective post to read more of the review of these toys.

Which is the best Halloween theme toys in this post?

Have a Happy Halloween. :)


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