Transformers Big Daddy

There are some Transformers in the movie line which often just additional character that never appear on screen but Hasbro just throw in to create them. Note it is not repaint figure as other character but a mold of it's own. One of them comes from the Transformers movie 2 which called Big Daddy.

This is from the later release of Allspark power series line. The vehicle design attract me very much.

I have no idea who is Big Daddy. To be honest it is quite a kinky name to named an Autobot. Here is the profile of Big Daddy. Seriously I cannot imagine Optimus prime call him by name.

Let's Open the toy!!

The design of this vehicle is classic. A mixed of the automobile in the late 70s.

With the two missiles pack on the side, I cannot help to think of a car that 007 James bond would drive this.

The two missile pack can be dismount to be an ordinarily car.

I love the expose engine on hood.

With the flame designs on each side, Big Daddy really look hot like Hotwheels. LOL

At the back, the tail light design is classic and notice the double barrel exhausts! 

Now here is the key that trigger a feature. You need to insert that at the back window..

The front cover of the car will instantly spring out like a claw. Pretty wicked if you asked me. 

For Transformation he is pretty straight forward. 

In robot mode, his design seems very blocky like G1 and his hands and legs seems pretty short to me.  

The face was very much remind me of wheeljack and Optimus Prime.  

Now he is arms with two big missiles which is where he got his name Big Daddy from.

Not many Autobot can carry such heavy arms but for Big Daddy, he is born that way! LOL

Overall I love the vehicle mode which to me was one classy design of the golden age of Automobil. :)

What is your thoughts of this Big Daddy?


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