Mattel Monster High Dolls

Halloween is coming and it is a good time to share with you Monsters High, a doll series that is quite a twist from tradition.

If these Dolls came out less than a decades ago, many parents would have make noise but Mattel now is brave enough to test out alternate marketing to have such Monster Dolls for the girls.

This dolls still is slim but each as their own Monster persona such as the Spectra Vondergeist who is a haunting beauty. Even she is pale she still have high cheek bones and colorful make up. In short you may think she is Gothic chick.

Even though they are Monster theme, the dolls are not ugly. In fact they are quite stylish and have modern accessories like Barbie.

Here is the Draculaura, daughter of Count Dracula and a vegan vampire...Vegan...See they are not even harmful!

With various Monster theme and origin, they are many for dolls collectors to get.

If any of the characters need new wardrobe, there are individual packs to get

If you want to create your own character, there is a mix and match pack for your to customize from head to toe and you will get 250 combination for Create-A-Monster

In truth this dolls cannot even be name as Monster as they still look pretty good looking and doll like. It is an alternative look for a younger and wilder generation to play.

What is your opinion of this move from Mattel?


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