30 June 2009

Dragonball Vehicle 5: Pirafu Machine

Pirafu Machine is unqiue machine that made up by 3 machine. The machine design is flexible and it was design with the purpose to challenge young Goku in mind to collect the Dragonball. Here's the Pirafu Machine.

And here are the pilots.

The 3 separate machine can function on it's own but it can joint together as one Robot. Combine mode!

In the combination mode, it require 3 pilots working as one. Pirafu pilot will be the head while the lady assistant pilot the upper body and arms and the male assistant pilot the lower body as legs. This machine require a good deal of team work. However creative this machine is, it still did not stand a chance against young Goku. Goku is just too strong for them.

Taki Corporation came out a toy version of Pirafu Machine that follow very closely to the comic design.

It does everything like in the comic including the alt version mode which they ran for their life when they failed to defeat Goku.

This could be the coolest robot machine in Dragonball. Cool enough for you?

Dragonball Tuesday will be taking a break for July and will return in August. Stay Tune!

29 June 2009

The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest coming our way

The last time I play a Lord of the Rings game was on a xbox console which was more than five years ago. I am pretty excited to learn that Warner Bros is currently developing another LOTR game and is due autumn 2009! The game will come out in Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and PSP.

It is a new third-person action adventure as the player return to the role of Aragorn embarking the quests from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Like what you seen in the movie, Aragorn will get to wield sword, ride horses, shoot arrows and use various weapons on various enemy found in the trilogy.

Friends and allies are important and on Wii platform, it allow two-player co-op gameplay featuring Gandalf. That should make the game more interesting.

See here to get a feel of it!

27 June 2009

Deluxe Class Sideswipe Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Among most of the latest Transformers Movie (Revenge of the Fallen) figure, Sideswipe "justify" my purchase. The vehicle mode does 40% of the convincing.

Too bad it is just a concept car. Don't think will be seeing this car on the road of Singapore. :P Anyway on with the review of the toy.

The presentation was capturing to allow customers to glaze on the beauty of the vehicle design. At the back of the packaging is pretty standard showing the robot mode of the Sideswipe. Although there the attributes of Sideswipe was printed there too, that doesn't make any sense to me. You mean people will likely to buy the figure based on the attributes of the robot such as strength, intelligence etc?

Then they have Sideswipe face printed at the front of the card. That make me wonder again how many of us remember the faces of the Transformers in the movie? No really, try to picture the face of the transformers in your head right now, it is only likely you remember Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee faces?

Plus of the faces printed on card art are not that accurate. One example will be Smokescreen, that was just a repaint of Jazz but they drew a different head from Jazz but they did not do much changes on the toy head. How I know? I telly the card art with the toy figure picture at the back of the card.

Vehicle Mode
I was saying the 40% has to do with the vehicle design and so here it is.

Another 10% has to do with the silver chrome painting which matches the former Premium version of Jazz.

Now I don't think they will be a Premium of Sideswipe unless they have another weapons or part add on which maybe more accurate in the movie. That is IF they have such things.

Robot Mode
Another 40% rest on the robot mode. One of the few handsome robot mode from the entire movie collection in my opinion.

Big chest, cool weapons and skinny leg. Well I would prefer to say it frog looking legs. Skinny yet muscular.

Talking about legs, this figure has a feature "Shifting Battle Armor" at the knee part which will extend out when the legs are pull back in some position. Suppose to be cool but it did not wow me.

For the upper body, it has the right preposition. The face is handsome and board chest and big wings look very masculine.

One and only weapons on this toy is his blades found on both of his arms.

The pair of blades serves much as a scissors.

Meet Sideswipe Scissors' hands.

According the movie, his blade act like a rotating blade than a scissor actually.

There are some people who said Sideswipe look kinda like Barricade, so I decided to put them together to match. Do they really look like each other?

For me, I think Sideswipe was put in this movie to replace the fallen Jazz who was Silver, Sleek and cool from the previous installment.

Overall I am happy about my purchase of this figure.

Some smart reader would be asking what happen to the other 10% factor for me to get Sideswipe. Well I got a 10% discount (Major Pull factor!) :D

We need more discount instead Sideswipe.

26 June 2009

Michael Jackson

To a great performer who entertained us for the last four decades.

Touching us with his music and amazes us in his dancing.

Normally I would not blog about others thing here but for Michael Jackson, I made an exception.

More of my tribute here.

My Customized RSS & Twitter Icon

I love pictures and I longed to have my own customize RSS and Twitter icon on this blog. Finally done two customized icons that I am happy about. What do you think?

For RSS icon, I have OTTi to carry a giant RSS icon but he is not complaining. He is strong, green and mean...Gee that phase do sound familiar...Hm...:P

For my twitter birdie, I created a simple design with outline and shape somewhat PATAPON like. PATA PATA PATA PON. Play too much Patapon. :P

June coming to an end and that mark half of the year gone! That was fast... They say life is like a toilet roll, the closer to the end, the faster time goes. Hm... time to take stock in our life... Sigh...so much games and toys to play, so little time. :P

Well hope you like the icons as much as I do. Do join me on Twitter for more fun interaction and subscribe to my RSS if not my OTTi carry the icon for nothing. :P You can click on the icons to do that. It's FREE!! :D

23 June 2009

Dragonball Vehicle 4: Capsule 9 Motorbike

Welcome back to Dragonball Tuesday.

Bulma the daughter of The Capsule Corp owned many capule vehicles. One of the vehicle that left me a deep impression is none other than this futuristic bike Capsule 9 somewhere beginning of the Dragonball Manga.

Like most Capsule vehicles, it has a short life span. It was soon destroyed when Goku drove it to rescue Bulma from the hands of a Dino bird.

When I saw Capsule 9 bike toy on sale at a flea market years ago, I jumped on to it.

The Bulma and Goku figures look exactly in that scene on the traveling bike.

The detail was so good that even the back license plate was printed.

As a toy, the bike doesn't balance by itself. It need a wheel support and with it, you can tilt the bike to one side.

At the closer angle, their expression was well captured. Not knowing any future challenge they have to face and without a care in the world. The wind was blowing and their hair were dancing.

Together, they embark on the quest of collecting the Dragonball.

22 June 2009

Transformers Animated Deluxe Rodimus Minor & Oil Slick Repaint

Although Transformers Animated series has ended, the toys are still coming. That's a good thing as personally I really like the animated series design.

Rodimus Minor in the animated series only happen to appear in one single episode, the vehicle design remain loyal to his G1 design but the robot mode give him a new twist as a bowman. Unlike the G1 cartoon, he never get to be promoted as a Prime. On the whole, I like the design but the jaw is not that Rodimus looking. Nonetheless will get this if I see it out on retail.

Repaint has found Oil Slick who also appear on the same episode with Rodimus prime who was going to pour some rusty stuff to Rodimus. The color seems better than the previous version which has to be. Is the repaint necessary? you tell me.

I am sure many Transformers toy collectors are now concentrating on the coming movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen which the movie is opening this Thursday. Hasbro is kind of slow in releasing the Animated lines (some even on clearance sales!). I am more into the Animated toys than the coming movie ones. I may pick some of the movie toy but I will certain to focus on the Animated series. :)

21 June 2009

Transformers: Happy Father Day

To the father who provide for your kids and transform to multi-role, this is for you.

Happy Father Day guys!

20 June 2009

Action Base 2 Model kit Stand

This Action Base is mainly design for any model kit from Bandai. As I got myself BB Zhao yun, I think it is cool to have one of this stand for his horsey.

The price range was affordable. Since my collection of Gundam were more to the SD side, I bought the smaller action base.

This stand suppose to hold different product of the model kit.

It comes with different fitting depending on different model.

Open up, you get to see the complete stand ready to be assemble.

Along with the clear instruction sheet which was printed at the back of the cover.

This stand require some screws as well. So I have to ready my screwdriver tools

The screws were minimum to hold some section in place only.

This is how it look like when completed.

Once assembled, it is time to fit in onto the horsey.

Align the stand to the fitting at the belly of the horsey.

With Zhao yun on, it is time to start the testing the capability of the new stand. Let's start with something short and easy.

Now we move the stand to upright position...

The stand can extend in height and we shall test that too.

The stand allow twist the figure side way keeping them stable. In this case, only Zhao Yun can't stand well as he is not secured. But the horse was alright.

You can further twist the stand to downward and the figure attached is still in place.

That was about all for the stand capability. You can explore more ways with other gundam. As for me, that is all I will share today.

As the stand was mainly to display Zhao Yun and his horse, that is what I will do. Now his horse look like his riding on wind.

Overall value for money. Buy some if you have any gundam model kits. You can expect to see more of this stand in time to come on some of my other gundam model kits.

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