If you have any Max Factory Figma figure (I do have a couple of them), you got to have this!

Figma figure is known for it's flexible articulation at the expense of figure balancing which Max factory resolve that balancing aspect by giving a support stand for every figure. To further "support" their figma figures for action pose and display, Max factory came out with a new generation display base named 'di:stage'.

di:Stage was design with creating Diorama for display. Each di:Stage is 10cm square which can comfortably hold up to display 2 figma figures. It also come with a grappling unit to hold virtually any action figure and Speech bubbles that you can use to show emotions or speech of the characters.

What is Diorama without a backdrop? di:stage provides 'binders' that can be attached to all sides of the base. You can create your own background using paper vignettes, or cover the base with a cover skin, anyway you like it. If you are not artistic incline or felt that is just too much work, the paper vignettes and cover skins will be available for download online, and are planned to be available in magazines. Now that marketing support.

If you need a bigger stage, you can interconnect multiple base units to be connected horizontally or vertically according to your need.

As this is a basic foundation set design, fans should expect more expansion or extended set to come in the near future but hey this will do great for me for now. Expect more review when I get my hands on this. Hehehe


Unknown said…
Wah.. a bit complicated to me but I agree these toys really 'educate' us
LEon said…
LOL when you see how I place the toys with it later when I got it, you will get the picture. :)
Snark said…
Fuck this shit looks sweet! Can't wait to get a couple for myself!

...now if only they'd make something similar for the Revoltech line, I want to re-enact my own version of Super Robot Wars dammit! >_<
LEon said…
Unfortunately Snark, I don't think Revoltech has such foresight. :P That remain me that I have some Revoltech figure I yet to review. LOL
I trying to get a Dragon Destiny figma figure and I hope a support stand like this comes with it.
chunky B said…
LEon, I've never seen these figures are they of popular characters or are they generic, or left blank to customize?
Jcee said…
Why don't revoltechs have stands like this? I like the revoltech line more because I am more into mecha, but there's that new vocaloid figma that I like too...
LEon said…
If it is figma product, it will definitely work with this stage. :)

Those in the photo are just representative design. However they do have a transparent version of that blank design as a limited edition which is suppose to be on sale in Japan only.

Yes I think revoltech need to catch up and shape up. :)

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