Transformers: Happy Father Day

To the father who provide for your kids and transform to multi-role, this is for you.

Happy Father Day guys!


Jcee said…
Happy Father's Day to all fathers here!
Sam is such a lucky fellow. But Leon also has quite a number of TF toys too!
LEon said…
how's your father day? Get anything for your Dad? A RC maybe?

That is almost all of my movie Transformers I have actually. Hehehe
How's your father day?
Juliana said…
I love your toy comic strips as always! Keep them coming! :D
LEon said…
Thanks Juliana. Will crack my head for more. LOL
desmond said…
Leon, mee too. Love your toy comic strips as well. Where is your Autobot Ratcher??
LEon said…
Thanks Desmond. Ratchet is the only autobot movie figure I never buy. Reason I don't like the robot mode and the color tone of the vehicles. He didn't give me much screen impression too. However I heard in the coming movie, he play a bigger role to upgrade Optimus Prime. Still, the upgrading is rather degrading to me IMHO. LOL
I had to work on Father's Day but my family celebrated the special on Saturday together with my dad and father-in-law. This was lunch and outing. A fruitful day.
LEon said…
Wow 3 in 1 Pre celebration. LOL Good for you bro. :)
Great job on this strip ! Love it :)

and remember... toys rule the world !

Take care,
LEon said…
Thanks Biggie! You got it rite! Toy rule the world! LOL

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