Insectosaurus Monsters vs Aliens McDonalds Happy Meal Toy

Another set of Happy Meal toys from McDonalds hit Singapore! This time it is from the animation of Monsters Vs Aliens. I was given a choice between Insectosaurus and Dr. Cockroach when I make my order and I go for cuteness, Insectosaurus.

Now let's Open the Toy and go with the review.

Like all Happy meal toys from Macdonald, the instructions and the toy catalog is clearly printed on the packaging.

Formerly a one-inch grub transformed by nuclear radiation into a 350-foot monster. He look so cute with a pair of big brown eye. Looking in the big round eyes... alalalalalonglongleelonglonglong. :P

He may look fat in the front and back for a 3D character...

on the side he look quite 2D as the side is flat...

The manufacture information is right at his tail.

His four arms (sound like Ben10) offer choice in twisting in many directions.

By pressing the button at his belly, he should shoot silk out of his nose but for this toy, he only give a baby squeak. Fun for kids.

He may look silly in this angle. LOL

Is it still funny for you if Insectosaurus hit the our local city. :P


Anonymous said…
desmond said…
Where is Ultraman?? Come and save our city!!
[SK] said…
what is the button in the center, it will squeak when you press it?? haha.. and i like the last photo, he is so like running away from ultraman's strike!! hahaha~~~
LEon said…
Don't worry. this happen to Singapore only. :P

Ultraman in Japan... not Singapore. :(

You got it right SK. The center of the button when press will give a baby squeak sound. He better run if Ultraman come. LOL
Snark said…
God that last picture cracked me up! XD
Juliana said…
Oh dear, we're like ants to Insectosaurus! I've got this toy too, now waiting for B.O.B. :D
I didn't watch the movie but this dude sure is cute! The last pic is interesting, it's like Godzilla attack!
LEon said…
That how he will look like if the movie is make in real life. LOL

I'm eyeing on BOB of the official series about 6" but not the happy meal version. The happy meal one look like...erhm...nvm. :P

I have not watch the movie too. Hoping to catch the 3D version of it. XD
Kit Kat said…
Haha I like the last picture. Looks like the real one in the movie. :p
LEon said…
KitKat, that is the effect I like to have. :D

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