Bandai Trading Card Machine Spotted!

A long long time ago, I can still remember. How this machine used to make me smile...

Recognize this trading card machine from Bandai? This type of machine was where I got most of my Dragonball trading cards collection. Recently, I saw this machine at a remote corner of a neighborhood central and I thought it was no longer in existence in Singapore... It is a true gem now.

I'm sure many Dragonball card collectors will remember this machine in the late 80s to early 90s. It cost $0.20 per turn to get a trading card. It is still the same price today but now there are no longer Dragonball cards but some other trading card such as Transformers movie trading card. I'm not sure if the cards are original tho but there are sure not from Bandai.

The outer casing of the plastic had turned yellowish, the chrome knob shows some paint chip and decolorizing  of the instruction, the easy 3 steps instructions wording is still well visible.

I couldn't resist the temptation for old time sakes and pay S$0.20 for a turn. This was what I got. My wife was commenting that I look like a kid when she saw the joy discovering and turning this machine. LOL

I still have some of the Dragonball trading cards of yester-years but I will share with you in the coming days. :)


I used to collect these kind of cards but now i do not know where i put it. Hehehe
Juliana said…
Thanks for sharing this find! :D

I also used to collect trading cards from such machines during my school days. They were mostly on idols like pop stars, movie and TV stars. I think I gave them all away or something :P

Today people play with Capsule Stations and Yujin, and they get nice 3-D toys by the big brands :)
Snark said…
Haha! I remember these things from way back! I cant believe they're still around!
LEon said…
Try to find it Willie. It worth finding it. :)

You are welcome. I still have some "Yes Idols" cards with me today. :P

I am surprised myself too when I saw it. LOL
What a fun moment turning the knob for card! I also played with this type of card machine years back to get 'SD Gundam G Generation' cards. My wife was also with me that time. Hee! Hee!
Chris said…
oh? tis kind of machine still exist?
LEon said…
Oh yes. They are SD Gundam trading cards also. LOL but I didnt collect those. Only have the budget on Dragonball cards. :P

Surprisingly yes. They are still around.
Bro. I just open a new blog dedicated to Robot toys, especially Gundam. Feel free to visit
LEon said…
Thanks for the updates Willie. :)
Zenny Tan said…
Any idea where can I find this machine in Singapore?

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