Dragonball Vehicle 2.5: Saiyan Space Pod Continue

On the previously Dragonball Tuesday, we were talking about Saiyan Space pod and many show interest in the Space pod stationary that I bought from HongKong. Well I have another Space Pod toy in my collection and this is a Capsule toy, Gashapon from Imagination series.

I forgot to mention that a space pod can be control remotely. Just like Vegeta did when he was defeated on earth.

It was a humiliating defeat for Vegeta and Krillin was so closed to killing him off when he was about to enter the space pod. Goku stop Krilin however. Who knows Vegeta would be one of the Z fighters in time to come. Good twist from the author there.

The capsule figure I am going to share today come from that same moment in the Manga (Comic). First we have the cool space pod.

With cushion all around, it really look quite comfortable.

That's what is good for, a diorama. It was my first Saiyan Space pod. Unfortunately it was not design to have it door close, else it would be perfect don't you think?


Bubbashelby said…
Reminds me of Mork's egg ship!

Nanoo nanoo!
LEon said…
There are similarity there. :)
Snark said…
Oh Krillin, when will you ever learn?

Shame the pod cant close though =(
[SK] said…
hey, those toys are nice.. and i like how you do the comics using them.. cool~~
LEon said…
Yep shame indeed.

Thank you. I enjoy doing comic strips using toys. :D
Cool pod and figrines. They are just like the manga and anime scene! You are really one hardcore Dragonball fans.
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis. I not that hardcore as I don't and can't buy everything of Dragonball. LOL

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