Action Base 2 Model kit Stand

This Action Base is mainly design for any model kit from Bandai. As I got myself BB Zhao yun, I think it is cool to have one of this stand for his horsey.

The price range was affordable. Since my collection of Gundam were more to the SD side, I bought the smaller action base.

This stand suppose to hold different product of the model kit.

It comes with different fitting depending on different model.

Open up, you get to see the complete stand ready to be assemble.

Along with the clear instruction sheet which was printed at the back of the cover.

This stand require some screws as well. So I have to ready my screwdriver tools

The screws were minimum to hold some section in place only.

This is how it look like when completed.

Once assembled, it is time to fit in onto the horsey.

Align the stand to the fitting at the belly of the horsey.

With Zhao yun on, it is time to start the testing the capability of the new stand. Let's start with something short and easy.

Now we move the stand to upright position...

The stand can extend in height and we shall test that too.

The stand allow twist the figure side way keeping them stable. In this case, only Zhao Yun can't stand well as he is not secured. But the horse was alright.

You can further twist the stand to downward and the figure attached is still in place.

That was about all for the stand capability. You can explore more ways with other gundam. As for me, that is all I will share today.

As the stand was mainly to display Zhao Yun and his horse, that is what I will do. Now his horse look like his riding on wind.

Overall value for money. Buy some if you have any gundam model kits. You can expect to see more of this stand in time to come on some of my other gundam model kits.


Jcee said…
Interesting review! I've seen these many times at the local hobby shop, but I never imagine they would look this good, especially with these sd musha gundams!

Btw do you display your gundams in a glass shelf or on an open shelf? I display mine on open shelf and just spent a day cleaning the dust off them.
LEon said…
Thanks Jcee. I display my gundam BB in a glass shelf. I have a section for model kit. BTW I have some Keroro too. LOL
This stand is affordable and useful. I'm using mine very often too!
LEon said…
Agree Dennis. Value for money. You use that stand for your Macross?
Yes, but more suitable for 1/100 scale.
LEon said…
Wonderful. Didn't know they are compatible to Macross. :)

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