31 January 2017

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Titus Build-A-Figure Wave

Before the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 movie release, you maybe interested in the Marvel Legends series from Hasbro featuring some character from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 movie.

Here are the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Titus Build-A-Figure Wave which will be releasing in February 2017.

Starlord from the movie version of  Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 .
This figure do not have any BAF (buildable Figure) parts. It does come with exchangable head for mask on or off and a weapon.

Drax from the movie version of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2
He have only one expression of him screaming with 2 swords and a blaster. It come with Titus’ left arm.

Yondu from the movie version of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2
He comes with a smiling expression head which likeness like the actor and a whistle expression head. He comes with his weapon with flying effect and also Titus’ right arm.

Marvel Angela
This is the Marvel version of Angela (not the Spawn version). I believe she would be one of the popular one in this series.

Vance Astro
He comes with Captain America's Shield and a Titus right leg.

He comes with a Titus’ torso.

He comes with a Titus’ head.

Marvel Titus
This is the completed look of the Buildable figure of Titus. Look awesome don't you think?

If you intend to build Titus then you may have to get most of this to form it.

Look out for this series in February at the toy shop that carry Hasbro toys.

26 January 2017

Year of Golden Rooster Android

It has been sometime I have not talk about much on Android figures. Since it is year of the Rooster for this Chinese Lunar New year, Android is having a Golden Rooster.

The box and the figure are in all chrome Gold!! (not real gold tho).

Here's the front and back of the 3" figure.

There is a Rooster imprint on the face and the body a Chinese symbol of the year of Rooster.

You can buy this off at the official website here at USD$10 each limited to two per household..

Have a Good Lunar New year!!

24 January 2017

MightyJaXX × Jason Freeny Looney Tunes XXRAY Series 2

It seems like a growing thread in Designer toys recently to do half X-ray on figures. One particular was the Looney Tunes series by MightyJaXX which released the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird. With it popular demand 3 more will be added into the series!

Here are close up on Bug Bunny which was already released in series 1 which is 4" in height going on retail for USD$19.90.

And Tweety Bird.

The following series 2 which will be release in Aug 2017 will be TAZ!

Marvin the Martian

and Daffy Duck

The whole series look good in a way. Not too sure if it is to scale of characters tho.

The price are affordable too. Look out for it!

21 January 2017

CubEIT - Disney Series 1 is Out

Comicave Studio recently release a new series of collectable for Disney's fan.

These are mini display figure that is good for display but does not take up many space.

Here are some of it's features!

It has magnetic feature so the character would stand straight and firm regardless you shakes the box out of accident.

Each of the box is stackable so you can form your own unique display.

If you decide to display out of the box, you can use the box to put in desk accessories like clips. Whatever that can fit inside the box I suppose.

For Disney series 1 there are 10 characters to choose from in blind pack as one box there are 32 pieces. Each of the 10 is a 3/32 changes.

As this is totally random, you would be lucky to get Glow in the Dark (Alien for Toy Story) and Clear figure (Cheshire the Cat from Alice in Wonderland). which is at the rate of 1/32 of these 2 characters.

Here is my video review of this toys!

Here's more information on their webpage.

Currently these are selling at Singapore ToyRus at $12.99

17 January 2017

LEGO 31062 Creator Robo Explorer

LEGO Creator seems to get more and more interesting! The new LEGO 31062 Creator is Robot that allow 3 different forms!

The first form is a Robot on tracks with 2 claw hands.

The second and third form is a Bird Mono eye bot and a Dog bot!

I have to say this get my interest! Look out for this in your region LEGO store!

15 January 2017

MOC LEGO Batman Swimming Pool

Have you ever wonder if Batman, Bruce Wayne swimming pool look like? With the latest LEGO Batman minfigure that having Batman in swimming gear and robes, Ki Mi  did a my own creation of a suiting swimming pool that is just  Bruce Wayne the Playboy.

Ready to take a dive?

The pool may look small but this pool is not really for swimming long labs.

It is more for couple pleasure. ;)

Here is another Batman version in the LEGO Batman movie swimming in the pool.

He actually float with the rubber ducky float it seems!

Relaxing in the pool to suntan as well it seems.

If you are wondering the name of the Swimming pool, it original named was "THAT Swimming Pool".

Why name that? because it is more like a don't ask don't tell thingy. If you recognised it you know but if you do not, think of it as a Penthouse Swimming pool for personal pleasure. Nothing more. :)

You can view more of Ki Mi creation at here

14 January 2017

Premiere Edition Leader Shadow Spark OPTIMUS PRIME

Remember last night? What I mean was do you remember there is another Transformers movie coming and it is call the Last Knight?

 Well before the movie is release, Hasbro is going to the tradition to release the premiere edition Leader class Optimus Prime and this is how it will look like.

The truck mode will need 20 steps to transform and it look the same as the last time he left earth in movie flying off to space.

As a Robot mode he will be in 9-inch as height and have two space weapons of shield and Sword.

Optimus Prime will come with some paint weathering effect purple eyes inspired by the movie. Well in the trailer he seems to be not like himself when returning back to Earth.

So if you cannot wait, you may want to get this premiere Optimus Prime. What do you think of this Optimus Prime??

13 January 2017

LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls

Well I find that one of the success of DC comic recently is to touch base with female readers to have their female heroes in the cartoon. One of that would be the DC Super Hero Girls. Now LEGO is having it own sets with Friends design.

LEGO 41235 Wonder Woman™ Dorm
This Dorm is full of Wonder Woman's color theme and the best part is none other than her invisible motorbike!

LEGO 41230 Batgirl Batjet Chase
This is awesome as you get to have her Batjet that shoot web!!

LEGO 41234 Bumblebee Helicopter
The helicopter look cool!

LEGO 41233 Lashina Tank
She have to use a tank to fight with Super dog....

LEGO 41231 Harley Quinn to the recuse
She seems to be a good girl in the show...or is she?

LEGO 41232 Super Hero High School
This is the deluxe set where you can have the high school. Apparently seems like only girl school....

These are interesting set which I find is more fun than Friends and Elves.... What do you think?

12 January 2017

Funko x Playmobil News

Who would imagine Playmobil will have some movie or TV characters?  Well it only happen as Funko and Playmobil decided to do a crossover and obtain license for that.

What you are about to see are preview of what will be releasing in the first quarter of this year. Of some region it will be January while the others in March 2017.

First off you get to see Back to the Future with Martin McFly and Dr. Brown (older version).

2 of the Ghostbusters are in this release which is Peter and Ray. Do note that this is not Playmobil Ghostbusters which will be releasing this year. I will share more information on that when I have more confirmation.

If you are a Doctor Who fan TV series, 2 of the doctor, 4th and 11th are selected because of their iconic costume.

Another interesting choice is Willy Wonka and not this is the original version (not Johnny Deep version) and Oopa Loompa. I love the hat and the hair of Willy Wonka.

TMNT also made it in the list as Leonardo and Michelangelo with their color band and weapon of course.

They even throw in Shredder of the cartoon series. It look so good in Playmobil style.

There is a exclusive Black and white comic version of the TMNT and it is just for entertainment earth which you can get it here.

I am so excited of this series but I was kinda disappointed that one of the set did not make it in the list and it is Sherlock and Dr. Watson from the latest BBC version as it was first preview at Funko website.

image source credit to Funko

Not too sure if it is because of the licensing of the character but I do hope they will do it somehow someday as I love Sherlock!! Oh throw in his Sherlock Hat too!

Each of this Funko x Playmobil are in card and they are retailing around 14.99 USD.

Which will you buy?

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