Mattel Anti-Eternia He-Man

Today we have Larry Ho to share his latest Mattel Anti-Eternia He-Man!

Lets start 2017 strong with an existing action figure which is also perhaps my Favourite one for the entire MOTUC line: Anti-Eternia He-Man

I was so reluctant to break open this gorgeous looking chase figure from his unique Anti-Eternian black and red card until recently, which sold out in under 5 minutes (3 actually) when it first went on sale in April 2016. He was also known to "pop up" intermittently for sale (I counted 3 times in all) and finally showed itself one last time on Matty collector's blow-out sale in December 2016, just before the whole business unit closed down...

Little is know about this unique character because he only existed in the German audio plays outside the sphere of the Filmation animations in the 1980s.
There are also no bios on the card-back but he is like an Evil "upside-down" version of He-Man in the mirrored World of Anti-Eternia who is just as, if not MORE powerful than He-Man himself.

Front View:
The basic figure is a black repaint of the standard He-Man action figure except his Coridite body harness and boot bindings are glossed over where the rest of his body has a matt finish.

Not only did I NOT dump the packaging which I usually do. I put the empty pack in a clamshell to preserve the card simply because there are no other card like it.

Even though the articulation points are exactly the same, his black and red colour way simply changes the whole feel of this awesome action figure.

Black as the darkest night and totally cool from the back

Close up on the head, he has brunette coloured hair with a beautiful black wash which gave it alot of structure. And those white Evil eyes with the red liners totally brings out the viciousness in him.

In the current line-up of MOTUC action figures, I could only think of one other character that could match his wrath: Castle Grayskull Man

If I get to keep only ONE action figure in my entire Toy collection, it will most DEFINITELY be this one!

So there you have it with all his gear accounted for: Anti-Eternia He-Man, the MOST Evil man in the Universe.

Read more of this review with more photo at Larry Ho's fb page


Real badass Evil He-Man! Black always refer to limited and exclusive. It's look exceptionally cool.

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