MOC LEGO Batman Swimming Pool

Have you ever wonder if Batman, Bruce Wayne swimming pool look like? With the latest LEGO Batman minfigure that having Batman in swimming gear and robes, Ki Mi  did a my own creation of a suiting swimming pool that is just  Bruce Wayne the Playboy.

Ready to take a dive?

The pool may look small but this pool is not really for swimming long labs.

It is more for couple pleasure. ;)

Here is another Batman version in the LEGO Batman movie swimming in the pool.

He actually float with the rubber ducky float it seems!

Relaxing in the pool to suntan as well it seems.

If you are wondering the name of the Swimming pool, it original named was "THAT Swimming Pool".

Why name that? because it is more like a don't ask don't tell thingy. If you recognised it you know but if you do not, think of it as a Penthouse Swimming pool for personal pleasure. Nothing more. :)

You can view more of Ki Mi creation at here


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