MightyJaXX × Jason Freeny Looney Tunes XXRAY Series 2

It seems like a growing thread in Designer toys recently to do half X-ray on figures. One particular was the Looney Tunes series by MightyJaXX which released the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird. With it popular demand 3 more will be added into the series!

Here are close up on Bug Bunny which was already released in series 1 which is 4" in height going on retail for USD$19.90.

And Tweety Bird.

The following series 2 which will be release in Aug 2017 will be TAZ!

Marvin the Martian

and Daffy Duck

The whole series look good in a way. Not too sure if it is to scale of characters tho.

The price are affordable too. Look out for it!


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