CubEIT - Disney Series 1 is Out

Comicave Studio recently release a new series of collectable for Disney's fan.

These are mini display figure that is good for display but does not take up many space.

Here are some of it's features!

It has magnetic feature so the character would stand straight and firm regardless you shakes the box out of accident.

Each of the box is stackable so you can form your own unique display.

If you decide to display out of the box, you can use the box to put in desk accessories like clips. Whatever that can fit inside the box I suppose.

For Disney series 1 there are 10 characters to choose from in blind pack as one box there are 32 pieces. Each of the 10 is a 3/32 changes.

As this is totally random, you would be lucky to get Glow in the Dark (Alien for Toy Story) and Clear figure (Cheshire the Cat from Alice in Wonderland). which is at the rate of 1/32 of these 2 characters.

Here is my video review of this toys!

Here's more information on their webpage.

Currently these are selling at Singapore ToyRus at $12.99


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