Funko x Playmobil News

Who would imagine Playmobil will have some movie or TV characters?  Well it only happen as Funko and Playmobil decided to do a crossover and obtain license for that.

What you are about to see are preview of what will be releasing in the first quarter of this year. Of some region it will be January while the others in March 2017.

First off you get to see Back to the Future with Martin McFly and Dr. Brown (older version).

2 of the Ghostbusters are in this release which is Peter and Ray. Do note that this is not Playmobil Ghostbusters which will be releasing this year. I will share more information on that when I have more confirmation.

If you are a Doctor Who fan TV series, 2 of the doctor, 4th and 11th are selected because of their iconic costume.

Another interesting choice is Willy Wonka and not this is the original version (not Johnny Deep version) and Oopa Loompa. I love the hat and the hair of Willy Wonka.

TMNT also made it in the list as Leonardo and Michelangelo with their color band and weapon of course.

They even throw in Shredder of the cartoon series. It look so good in Playmobil style.

There is a exclusive Black and white comic version of the TMNT and it is just for entertainment earth which you can get it here.

I am so excited of this series but I was kinda disappointed that one of the set did not make it in the list and it is Sherlock and Dr. Watson from the latest BBC version as it was first preview at Funko website.

image source credit to Funko

Not too sure if it is because of the licensing of the character but I do hope they will do it somehow someday as I love Sherlock!! Oh throw in his Sherlock Hat too!

Each of this Funko x Playmobil are in card and they are retailing around 14.99 USD.

Which will you buy?


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