30 March 2015

Tomica Disney Motor Tsum Tsum Coming

Tomica Disney Motor Tsum Tsum will be released in 25th of April 2015 for 800 Yen.

There are total of 8 in this series

Mickey, Marie and Donald are cars which is much smaller. Because of the top mini figure, I doubt it can stack anything on top.

For the Van which is bigger, you have 5 of those. Dumbo, Dasiy, Chip, Minnie and Winnie the Pooh.

Certainly interesting but if it is not that stackable, then it could have an issue. Because if it does, I am pretty sure some will buy more than 3 each to do the stack version.

So people who play Tsum Tsum are you waiting for these or your favorite had not release like me?

26 March 2015

Saban's Power Rangers Super Megaforce Deluxe Legendary Morpher

My kid have been liking Power Ranger for quite sometime. He is at the age of "transforming" and what better way to go power up his imagination with some of the props.

The latest Saban's Power Rangers Super Megaforce rangers uses this device to transform. The Deluxe Legendary Morpher!

The package include 2 ranger keys. The original power Mighty Morphin Red ranger and the Saban's Red Ranger.

Both of this key will somehow activate the "handphone" looking device know as the Legendary Morpher.

The interesting things is when you turn the key, according to the ranger, it will give different sound and phase. For the Mighty Morphin power ranger, it will play the theme of that series. Bring back some good times in the 90s... man I feel old...

Anyway my kid just kept turning on and off and pretending to power up as a ranger.... soon I think I have to get some accessories for him.... just pretend I never hear that. LOL

PS: My kid have no idea it was a handphone as he did not see any flip phone before and there was no touch screen.... Generation gap...

24 March 2015

Hulk but not from LEGO

I try not to talk much but I just let the photo do more of the talking as there are many version of such which is not by LEGO. This particular one interest me to get as normally the Hulk would be the bigger figure. 

Apparently the packaging indicated there are a couple of more characters in the same line. Sometime the box art would very much defer from the actual figure inside. Thus I take this as a pitch of salt.

Was surprise that this version look quite decent. Purple pants and the color of green was right to me.

The figure have to assemble yourself and it is not too difficult even there is no instruction. Should I say Avenger Assemble? 

What surprised me was there are these green vein glowing effect on the skin. It is painted and it look great to me.

Here is their version of the Hulk. 

It stand well and look good on the side.

At the back there's also the green veins giving it a 3D shades.

Hulk look as angry as he can be.

Hulk now will smash!!

I leave you to be the judge on the quality of this figure which is not from LEGO.

So what do you think?


21 March 2015

Monoeye Groupbuild 2015

I was invited by a local Gundam model kit group to a Monoeye Groupbuild 2015 which hosted today at Omocha Village. The topic was Monoeye Gunpla and I was quite lazy to build any gunpla due to my work schedule. It was only a few hour before the event that I decided to build one Monoeye Gunpla.

Since I have a Gundam Expo version MSN-04 Sazabi, I decided to have a sketch built since the finishing already look awesome and I have been saving this kit for a special occasion...

It took me less than half an hour to build the head up and it look impressive already. Certainly this kit would be a head turner.

I was nearly late for the event and true to what I expected, there are many good looking Monoeye Gunpla!

Being a chrome figure is not enough. I needed more. Thankfully there was an instant organic display base, The crater from Fantastic Toy Studio that is on sales recently and with this base, my kit got more attention. Hehehe

Here are some of the strong entry that day.

Dennis entry. Really good looking for a SD.

Vintage kit but color and detail is amazing.

Love the weathering effect.

Toymaker entry is visually stunning as usual.

Even pink look good on this.

This metallic look heavy!!

Here is the full collection of the entries that day at my facebook page.

I didn't win anything but I am happy as to see so many Monoeye lover and others actually like the presentation of my kit. :)

19 March 2015

LEGO Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Coming

It was just last year that LEGO released The Simpsons house and this year to follow up, it would be the LEGO Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart in May 2015.

The Kwik-E-Mart enable the opens up concept to expose and interact with the interior packs with goods and foods.

Close up on the accessories...

The Kwik-E-Mart consist of 2,179 pieces and will be retail at USD $199.99

Are you looking out for this?

17 March 2015

1/144 Gundam Build Fighters Try Petitgguy Future

If you have been watching the latest Gundam Builder Try series, many would notice at the ending song, 4 Petitgguy would be dancing.

Since the start of BearGuy was a popular Gundam model kit as it look so cute, it is just a matter of time Bandai release model kit of the 4 mini BearGuy and it did happen.

These 4 will be releasing in May 2015 at the listed price of 500 Yen each sold separately.

So if you want to collect all four you have to buy 4 separately.

Would you be getting one or all four?

14 March 2015

Saban's Power Ranger Super Megaforce Legendary Megazord

In Power Ranger series that most talk about is the awesome Mega Zord and today I am reviewing the Saban's Power Ranger Super Megaforce Mega Zord builder series from Bandai.

This toy is for 4 and up which should give you certain expectation in term of details and function. So for this review keep it in mind as much as I have certain expectation, my kid seems to be overwhelm playing with this (as I take the photo and opening up, he is breathing down my neck to wait for it to be done so he can play with it).

This Saban series I personally like it as they are in space pirate costume. The figure also made into key form to activate certain series of the gadgets and toy.

The Mega Zord is actually a Zord builder which allow you to combine with various vehicle in the toy series to get other looks of Mega Zord. Pretty interesting concept.

For the main one it is 5 Zords vehicle to combine into the Mega Zord.

Let's Open the Toy!

The Mega Zord is release and here is the full glory of it. It is not very heavy keeping in mind this is for kids to play.   

At the back there are more details but the main is the key hole that allow you to insert the Power Ranger key to activate certain function which I will share later...

Let's go to the Red Saban Ranger that come with this toy. The translucent red seems to work well for me.

If you want to transform it to be a key, you simply flip it. There the key will be expose. Do notice there is a scan-able QR code in key form which with Apps you can scan it.

Simply insert the key at the back of the Mega Zord and turn...

The front compartment will be open...

Now you can put the Red Ranger in it to play with.

This Mega Zord come with double sabers...

You can get them to hold and it look real cool!

It is quite interesting to note that the left arm which is a Blue jet actually have additional part when transform.

One of the part is actually the Helmet piece which is removable.

You can then mount on the top of the Plane. Look pretty complete and cool.

The other limbs would be transform to other vehicle like Jet (Blue),  Sub (White), Wheeler (Yellow) and a Racer (Green).

I am more interested in the body because that is a Saban Sky ship which also a mother ship. Here is the transformation...

With the double sader combine and turn the Sails up, you have a good looking pirate Sky ship.

To me this is the best looking vehicle in Power Ranger history. That is my personal opinion.

In the show, all 4 vehicles can be park inside the ship (Don't ask me how the scale work out, you have to see the video to believe)

So there you have it. All the vehicles.

Which Vehicle do you like?

Here is a short review of how it is to combine to the Megazord

Stay tune for more Megazord in the coming post. Subscribe our channel.

Do you prefer the Mega Zord mode or the Vehicle mode?

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