LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box 21116

I have been playing Minecraft recently (Yes I know I am slow) and finally understood what so fun playing these charming "low end" graphic video game on my PS4 mean. It is such a creative game where the world is your oyster. More like you can create and modify anything if you know how.

After playing for sometime, I begin to be interested in the LEGO Minecraft series and for that I got myself a LEGO Minecraft Crafting box 21116. One of the mid range series in the LEGO Minecraft series.

Why I pick this one is that it actually have 8 design to build from this set which is good enough for me to play with my kids with the 518 pieces. For that I find it is a good bargain. It also allow you to build your own creation as long as you can use up the parts.

These set include 2 characters and 1 animal. That is good enough for my kid to play and make story.

The first I pick to build was these massive design where you have buildings, fields and water. Oh and two trees too!

This design have a field with some crops...What vegetable is it?

Oh it's a carrot!! Big one too.

This game design have enough room for them move about. So Spacious and look good on the whole.

This set only comes with an Oven but no crafting box or chest....

The building is incomplete which look like a ruin to me. The glass panels seems to in good condition tho... just saying if it is to be close

Another went to fish using his bow and arrow. Can he really catch any edible food?

Steve while the food is cooking decided to go to the well to draw some more water....

If you need some more nutrient, you can ask the cow for some Milk....

The cow don't seems to be in a good mood tho...

Okay I will review the rest of the design perhaps.

Nonetheless this is an interesting set if you are into Minecraft.

Are you a fan of Minecraft?


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