Figuarts ZERO Son Goku 3 x Kaioken Kamehameha

One of the classic scene in the early Dragonball Z where Son Goku first battle with Vegeta have made into a display figure by Figuarts Zero.

This time is Son Goku with 3 time Kaioken pushing his body to the limit to do a Kamahameha to Vegeta.

The figure did capture the look and feel of that power level with good looking effect.

From the prototype you can see the toning of the body and the smoke effect on the ground.

I personally like the detail of the hands giving that pose. I think this is a good display figure to have if you have the space.

The actual product is schedule to release in August 2015 at 3,780 Yen.

Does this interest you?


RiP666 said…
the details look good,, what a nice kamehameha pose

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