Playmobil Marco polo

Since I joined the Playmobil Collectors Club last year, I have the exclusive of 2014. Marco Polo.

In my honest opinion, I was hoping to have more cool figure but to the fact of history, Marco Polo was not one of my favorite character in history but maybe to the western world he is since he introduce central Asia and China to the European.

Marco Polo comes with quite a good looking noble attire. This would be a young Macro Polo I assume as the one I google on the internet often comes with mustaches.

I particularly like the pattern found on his waist belt.

There are only 2 accessories for this exclusive figure which is his hat fashioned around that era I suppose..

Another was a map for him to hold. It was printed rather small and I cannot make out if that is an actual map of some location in Europe or central Asia... I did see a big compass tho.

I  mean what good is a map if you cannot read or understand it? I can't but maybe Marco Polo can.

Can you read the map Marco?

Side story is that this figure reached me later than other club members. I almost wanted to give up waiting but it came eventually after a few follow up.

Disclaimer: The fault is not the sender of the club but the delivery provider that did not do a good job to ensure their worker actually deliver to us. Thankfully it was returned to the club (I must give credit where the credit is due to the delivery provider at least they return to the sender although they did not contact me of it delivery to me) and the Club send it out for me again.

By the time I got this, it was 2015. Well Happy New Year right?  <_ br="">

Maybe that's why I don't really enjoy this as I should be.


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