Saban's Power Ranger Super Megaforce Legendary Megazord

In Power Ranger series that most talk about is the awesome Mega Zord and today I am reviewing the Saban's Power Ranger Super Megaforce Mega Zord builder series from Bandai.

This toy is for 4 and up which should give you certain expectation in term of details and function. So for this review keep it in mind as much as I have certain expectation, my kid seems to be overwhelm playing with this (as I take the photo and opening up, he is breathing down my neck to wait for it to be done so he can play with it).

This Saban series I personally like it as they are in space pirate costume. The figure also made into key form to activate certain series of the gadgets and toy.

The Mega Zord is actually a Zord builder which allow you to combine with various vehicle in the toy series to get other looks of Mega Zord. Pretty interesting concept.

For the main one it is 5 Zords vehicle to combine into the Mega Zord.

Let's Open the Toy!

The Mega Zord is release and here is the full glory of it. It is not very heavy keeping in mind this is for kids to play.   

At the back there are more details but the main is the key hole that allow you to insert the Power Ranger key to activate certain function which I will share later...

Let's go to the Red Saban Ranger that come with this toy. The translucent red seems to work well for me.

If you want to transform it to be a key, you simply flip it. There the key will be expose. Do notice there is a scan-able QR code in key form which with Apps you can scan it.

Simply insert the key at the back of the Mega Zord and turn...

The front compartment will be open...

Now you can put the Red Ranger in it to play with.

This Mega Zord come with double sabers...

You can get them to hold and it look real cool!

It is quite interesting to note that the left arm which is a Blue jet actually have additional part when transform.

One of the part is actually the Helmet piece which is removable.

You can then mount on the top of the Plane. Look pretty complete and cool.

I am more interested in the body because that is a Saban Sky ship which also a mother ship. Here is the transformation...

With the double sader combine and turn the Sails up, you have a good looking pirate Sky ship.

To me this is the best looking vehicle in Power Ranger history. That is my personal opinion.

In the show, all 4 vehicles can be park inside the ship (Don't ask me how the scale work out, you have to see the video to believe)
So there you have it. All the vehicles.

Which Vehicle do you like?

Here is a short review of how it is to combine to the Megazord

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Do you prefer the Mega Zord mode or the Vehicle mode?


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