Hulk but not from LEGO

I try not to talk much but I just let the photo do more of the talking as there are many version of such which is not by LEGO. This particular one interest me to get as normally the Hulk would be the bigger figure. 

Apparently the packaging indicated there are a couple of more characters in the same line. Sometime the box art would very much defer from the actual figure inside. Thus I take this as a pitch of salt.

Was surprise that this version look quite decent. Purple pants and the color of green was right to me.

The figure have to assemble yourself and it is not too difficult even there is no instruction. Should I say Avenger Assemble? 

What surprised me was there are these green vein glowing effect on the skin. It is painted and it look great to me.

Here is their version of the Hulk. 

It stand well and look good on the side.

At the back there's also the green veins giving it a 3D shades.

Hulk look as angry as he can be.

Hulk now will smash!!

I leave you to be the judge on the quality of this figure which is not from LEGO.

So what do you think?



RiP666 said…
this bootleg appeared in my town also, they spread nicely

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