31 December 2008

New Banner for the New Year 2009

A New year is approaching. Time for resolutions to be made. We know in life, there is only so much we can control and do. But we can Hope, Trust and Work hard for the better years ahead.

Since Christmas is over,it is time for me to change it with a New Year theme. I did a colorful one just to cheer up the gloomy economy. Stay Cheer man! :)

Happy 2009 Everyone. May the new year bring us better Health and Wealth.

30 December 2008

Buzz Brain Bender on PSP

Video game had long been labeled and criticized as Mindless violence but not anymore. Introducing a PSP game just for training your Brain, Buzz Brain Bender! This is one game that parents would love to see their kid play.

Normally you would think such brain training would be a boring but not with this game. This is FUN!

It has training mode for specific training on some areas of the brain, a Test mode to see how strong overall is your brain and Challenge Mode for those who want harder challenges. If you can choose the Brain Battle up to six players. With all your challenges, you will be collecting some Boffin Awards too.

So just how do they train your brain? The four area of your brain include Observation, Memory, Analysis and Calculation. It will keep score of your training result and in time you can see your improvement during the game.

Under each category you will have another 4 games for testing. With training, you can expect to see results. It is all about condition of the mind.

The Good
- You need not worry about written languages as all the test will be in pictures and numbers only.
- The voicing of the guy in white coat make it more like a game show.

The Bad
- The speech by white coat guy can be repeating and irritating at times during the game.
- As it is time base, your reflexes plays a big part when choosing your answers in the game.

On the whole, this game is what can called it a Edutainment for all age group. Gals like this game too.

28 December 2008

Calendar of 2009

So fast Christmas is over and the new year is next. I was looking out for new calendar but due to the recent economy, I didn't get as much "Free" calendar as I would have compare to past years.

Inspired by a friend of mine who did his own calendar with Excel, I put together a couple of 2009 calendar with Singapore holidays in it just for the fun.

For the Autobots (Click for bigger picture)

And for the Decepticons

* Credits to the Transformers Animated artist & Cartoon Network for the characters drawing in the pictures

The year 2009 may look gloomy for the economy but it would be a good year with so many long weekends for Singapore. Well, we got to be positive right? :)

26 December 2008

Quiz: Playstation Controller

Sony technology never failed to impress me. One of the technology in design I like is their controller. Without using any language of wording, they employed an international of symbols. Using Triangle, Square, Cross and Circles on four of their main action button which became an icon of their game console.

I'm pretty sure Playstation gamer will know where the buttons are without consciously knowing right? If you don't believe me, try this quiz without cheating.

Isn't it easy? Yes? Log in your answer! Hehehe

25 December 2008

Nendoroid Codename L Deathnote

Like many who watched the Deathnote movie/Anime, I fell in love with the character L. When Good Smile came out this figure, I know it is something I have to get.

Good Smile did a good job by putting all the cute L's expression all around the box.

I personally like the paint job of the hair. Just like the toning.

They are clever to give 4 Expression, 2 body (one Standing and one Sitting), one spare hand with a cellphone, a stand to hold the figure and my favorite the armchair.

Changing the expression of L is really easy as they use Snap on concept. You won't go wrong.

There are few points that exceeded my expectations for this figure.

First, the body do have some sense of balance. It can stand by itself without the stand for some pose.

As for some pose you can use the stand.

Second, the standing body have movable parts.

However the sitting body does not have any moving part but the Armchair make up for that.

Overall it is a good figure. Since it is Christmas day, let's see how much I can play with L. Let's make him a special series shall we? Off the light and get the camera rolling....

Okay I confess that is one of my Christmas wishes...Anyway Merry Christmas everyone and be good. :)

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

I hope everyone can have a good Christmas this year. Although the outlook around as look gloomy, we can always choose how we want to see the situation.

Merry Christmas to all. :)

23 December 2008

Lego Clone Troopers Battle Pack

Sometime ago I bought myself a Lego. Not just any Lego but the Starwars series. And not any Starwars Lego but Clone troopers Lego.

It was a 30 years anniversary Starwars edition too.

I decided to get this box set all because of the number of Clone Troopers. For the price of S$29.90, you get to have 4 Lego Clone Troopers with accessories too. Those Lego Clone troopers are cute.

Okay let's open it up. *Blow the trumpet.

One thing right that George Lucas did for the new trilogy that saved the Starwars Saga was the Clone troopers. Many went nuts for it including me. :P

Lego was wise to take the trilogy to use the storyline to do their design and I have to say Lego did a hell of job. The painting was nice and the helmet shape and outline so well define.

If you think Darth Vader helmet off scene in "Return of the Jedi" is freaky, wait till you see what beneath the helmet of the Lego Clone Troopers. Ready?

I was expecting to see Jango Fett face since they are Clone of him but in the end no face was painted. After recovery the shock, I guess it's okay. Who cares about Jango Fett anyway. Clone troopers won't be a Clone Troopers if their helmet is off right?

Lego was generous in accessories. They made sure all the troopers are well equipped for battle. 3 Blasters and 1 rifle. They even throw in a Binoculars too! This boxset was able to build a Speeder bike and a turret tower.

Overall I have no regret getting this boxset. For Clone troopers fan, this is one value for money box set for you. It is as good as it gets.

22 December 2008

Starwars The Force Unleashed PSP

The latest Starwars game Force Unleashed was out in multiple game console. It was a game that promise good fight scene, visual effects and a good storyline. On PSP, it deliver what it had promised.

The story happened between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New hope". Darth Vader was wiping the Jedi out when he discover a one child who was powerful in the force. After killing the child father, he took him and secretly and trained him in the way of the Sith in hope to overthrow the Emperor with the child.

The story introduce some interesting characters such as Vader Secret Apprentice's love interest Juno Eclipse. Her voice reminded me of Lara croft and she was one of the experience pilot under the empire.

Another interesting character will be a droid named PROXY. He has the faithfulness of R2D2 and technically more advance than C3P0 as He can take on the form of the communicator and he took on Darth Vader in the game.

As Vader Secret Apprentice who is strong in the force had hesitation and frustration of who he wanted to be. Betray a number of times by the weak Vader who chicken out in the face of the emperor, Vader Secret Apprentice eventually had to make a choice which side he want to be. To take revenge after Vader who kill his father or for the greater good (take on the emperor). Both choices leads to different ending but Vader's secret apprentice will not escape his fate of dying so that Luke Skywalker would be the most powerful Jedi in the story to come.

In PSP, you get to have extra gameplay in the duel mode which allow you to take on Jedi and Sith level by levels. It won't be a fair fight toward the end of the level as you will be put into situation of two against one. However it would be fun to trash the Skywalkers. Father and son. If you are Vader Secret Apprentice, this is the only chances to wrack the living daylight of Luke who claimed that the force is strong in his family.

Duel mode also offer historical duel such as Anakin verses Count Dooku at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith and Anakin verses Obiwan at the end of Revenge of the Sith and more.

If you are bored in fighting Jedi and Sith, order an Order 66. You will face the wave of clone troopers throwing themselves to you with their blasters and Machine. If you survived the levels of raid, Darth Maul will be unlock for you to choose from.

This game is a great improvement of the previous series in many ways. For one, you can have full access of both Dark and Light force power. You can use the lighting hands or the force choke as often as you like without affecting your alignment as there will be none. The strength of your force skill will improve as you increase your experience along the way. Since you are a Jedi/Sith, you get to construct your own light Sader from the hilt to the blade with any color of crystal you collected throughout the game and other bonus attack attribute.

But what make this game rocks for me is the storyline. After Knight of the old Republic, this is another story which I felt is way better than the Clone Wars and all that stuff. If this is made to a movie or animation, it will surely rocks.

20 December 2008

Yujin Pokemon Gashapon Capsule Machine

They was a point of time that I collected some Gashapon / capsule figures as I was amazed at the level of details some gashapon was made at the price you are paying. Today it going to be Yujin Pokemon Gashapon Capsule Machine.

The mini capsule machine are very detail. Each can stand alone and can stack on one another just like the real one.I was lucky to get a Pikachu version.

It also come with rollers (but it can't be roll. For show only) and you can actually turn the nob and a capsule will roll out of the outlet.

Here's how the capsule looked like. Yes you are not seeing things, majority are poke balls in the series.

Capsule machine are very popular in Japan. In fact there was a point of time that fever spread around the world just like Dragonball or Pokemon.

Since we are talking about Japanese and Capsule, I think Gokun from Dragonball will be better to take the rest of the review.

Normally the capsules are filled up from the top of the capsule machine.

The process of trying your luck to get what you wanted from a capsule machine can be amusing and frustrating at times. Most of the time, you try your luck.

You can increase your success rate by having a touch to peek at the next capsule in line. That itself need plenty of practice and experience.

So what if you can't get what you wanted after your first try? You will be tempted for another go for it and the same result may happen again. Plus they are a number of extra in every batches and you never know what you going get if you are collecting the whole complete series.

Anyway back to the Yujin Pokemon Gashapon Capsule Machine, it is really a neat toy and value for money.

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