Calendar of 2009

So fast Christmas is over and the new year is next. I was looking out for new calendar but due to the recent economy, I didn't get as much "Free" calendar as I would have compare to past years.

Inspired by a friend of mine who did his own calendar with Excel, I put together a couple of 2009 calendar with Singapore holidays in it just for the fun.

For the Autobots (Click for bigger picture)

And for the Decepticons

* Credits to the Transformers Animated artist & Cartoon Network for the characters drawing in the pictures

The year 2009 may look gloomy for the economy but it would be a good year with so many long weekends for Singapore. Well, we got to be positive right? :)


Joshua said…
very very very nicely done calenders bro!
LEon said…
Thank You. Glad you like it. :)

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