Snarl Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Toy

For Animated series, Dinobots are one of those that come in a group. For the start, I will do the review of Snarl.

In the animated series, Snarl never speak a word but in action support Grimlock in every decision.

Dino Mode
Snarl in Dino mode is a triceratops. Among his fellow Dinobots, snarl is never the popular ones. However I personally find him rather cool.

The movement of the head and mouth are something that worth it's value.

At the view from the top. You can see the robot head is rather visible.

The Transformation is not that easy during the first run. However after a few try, you can get used to it.

Robot Mode
Snarl in robot mode look a bit to the fat side. Regardless of his flaming shoulders, he just don't look so fiecesome to me.

One of the critical point I don't really like this figure is the head. It look so flat! Are they trying to make him look dumb looking?

However there is one good point that I like about his robot mode. He get to have fingers and movable ones! Not many in animated toy line has it.

Snarl suppose to have a lava looking club. The toy makers did one but they did not paint it to look like melting lava. So I did some modification myself.

With his club in his hand, does he look more war like?

Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Meet your maker Snarl. Scaling against Leader class Megatron, Snarl look rather small.

Alt Mode
Okay this is not the actual way it should transform but I love this mode.

Now that is fiecesome right?

Walk like a Egyptian.

Okay more of the rest of the Dinobot and other reviews soon.

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KazeTora said…
I also like snarl... but that time, was choosing between swoop and snarl. Since all my zeon boys are snarl-like, I chose swoop instead.

Btw, that fugnugget face really got covered when you put the egyptian style, haha.
LEon said…
The head was rather flat and it was easy to so call cover up. :) I'm glad you like the Egyptian style as it was my new found fav. Hahaha

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