Yujin Pokemon Gashapon Capsule Machine

They was a point of time that I collected some Gashapon / capsule figures as I was amazed at the level of details some gashapon was made at the price you are paying. Today it going to be Yujin Pokemon Gashapon Capsule Machine.

The mini capsule machine are very detail. Each can stand alone and can stack on one another just like the real one.I was lucky to get a Pikachu version.

It also come with rollers (but it can't be roll. For show only) and you can actually turn the nob and a capsule will roll out of the outlet.

Here's how the capsule looked like. Yes you are not seeing things, majority are poke balls in the series.

Capsule machine are very popular in Japan. In fact there was a point of time that fever spread around the world just like Dragonball or Pokemon.

Since we are talking about Japanese and Capsule, I think Gokun from Dragonball will be better to take the rest of the review.

Normally the capsules are filled up from the top of the capsule machine.

The process of trying your luck to get what you wanted from a capsule machine can be amusing and frustrating at times. Most of the time, you try your luck.

You can increase your success rate by having a touch to peek at the next capsule in line. That itself need plenty of practice and experience.

So what if you can't get what you wanted after your first try? You will be tempted for another go for it and the same result may happen again. Plus they are a number of extra in every batches and you never know what you going get if you are collecting the whole complete series.

Anyway back to the Yujin Pokemon Gashapon Capsule Machine, it is really a neat toy and value for money.


Jcee said…
Sweet gashapon machines! I wish I can find those here! I only saw the DBZ one once and next time I went back, they were all gone!
KazeTora said…
We still got a whole bunch of 'em here. Especially the DBZ one.

I usually suck at this capsule thing... -_- especially the kamen rider one...
LEon said…
Don't worry about it. I am sure Yujin will come out different type of Gashapon machine. If you are keen, prehaps I can look out for you when I go look around. Have not been really looking into capsule machine for sometime tho...

They are technics to increase the rate of getting what you want. One of them is the touchlight method to peek the up coming capsule and count the odds.
Anonymous said…
Gosh I love they way you made the 2 toylines 'interact' with each other in your photos. Very creative and entertaining! :D

I have only 1 Stitch mini capsule machine toy that I got on impulse from a real capsule machine :P
LEon said…
I'm glad you share my joy. I like to do some comical stuff in my review. It's fun. :D

Stitch Capsule machine series is cute too. I regret I did not went to get just one for fun... :(

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