Nendoroid Codename L Deathnote

Like many who watched the Deathnote movie/Anime, I fell in love with the character L. When Good Smile came out this figure, I know it is something I have to get.

Good Smile did a good job by putting all the cute L's expression all around the box.

I personally like the paint job of the hair. Just like the toning.

They are clever to give 4 Expression, 2 body (one Standing and one Sitting), one spare hand with a cellphone, a stand to hold the figure and my favorite the armchair.

Changing the expression of L is really easy as they use Snap on concept. You won't go wrong.

There are few points that exceeded my expectations for this figure.

First, the body do have some sense of balance. It can stand by itself without the stand for some pose.

As for some pose you can use the stand.

Second, the standing body have movable parts.

However the sitting body does not have any moving part but the Armchair make up for that.

Overall it is a good figure. Since it is Christmas day, let's see how much I can play with L. Let's make him a special series shall we? Off the light and get the camera rolling....

Okay I confess that is one of my Christmas wishes...Anyway Merry Christmas everyone and be good. :)


Jcee said…
Haha great set of pics on the figure! Looking at the pics make me want to get the figure myself! What Optimus toy is that?

Merry Xmas to you too LEon!
Anonymous said…
I also have this as mine is a replica (fake) from China company..Haha!!
Fast Fire Fish said…
LEON U ROCKS ONCE AGAIN!. Nice comic strip and story of a heart warming Christmas. MERRY XMAS!
LEon said…
Thanks. Original L is quite hard to get. As for the Optimus Prime is a mini one in a small box from takara if I remember correctly. I got that about 4 years ago.

I saw those too but I can't stand the quality of it. :)

Thanks for your support bro! :D
KazeTora said…
Nice comic strip, bro, hahaha. As always... and nice camera angle on the emo scene, hahaha....
LEon said…
Thanks Bro. Hope to see some updates from you too. :)
Joshua said…
where'd you get your L from bro????
LEon said…
I pre-order this original one from Good smile L when it first release sometime back. :) It's hard to come by now but maybe some establish Toy shop may still have it.
Anonymous said…
although I want your L
but seeing your optimus prime want him for my nendo playset ^^;;
LEon said…
Thanks! That optimus prime is about 6 years old now. Quite rare now. :)

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