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In cartoons as many as there are characters are timeless, some characters does grow up. Cartoon Network Ben 10 is one of those rare one that decided to let the characters to grow up. Now is that a good thing for a successful franchise with the fans for the cartoons, real life action show, toys and video games?

I knew "Ben 10" better when I started to play the game on my PSP. Ben was a 10 years old kid who can transform himself to different sort of aliens with the Omnitrix. The real heroes of the game are none other but the aliens themselves. Some of the all times favorites are Heat blast, Four Arms, Diamond Head and xlr8.

"Ben 10 Alien Force" comes with many surprises. The Omnitrix recalibrates and Ben a whole new set of 10 aliens who have similar powers like his old aliens. Gwen somehow learned some new power that can generate shields by manipulating natural energy. Kevin who was an arch-nemesis of Ben now become friends and work together as a team. Together they search for Ben's missing Grandpa.

I didn't know Ben grew up until I was at a local retail toy department and saw a whole new series of the "Ben 10 Alien Force" on the shelves. So what the difference? Take a look between the older series (10 years old Ben) and the latest series (15 years old Ben)

Guess Ben didn't grow much in height...

Fan's Alert:

It seems the old series will be replaced by the new ones. So if you missed the old aliens or the younger Ben, it would be a good time to get it while you still can.

Meanwhile Bandai is laughing to the banks.


KazeTora said…
Haha... somehow seeing diamonhead, heatblast, and fourarms reminds me of Dynames, Exia, and Virtue. (of course if you want to push it, then XLR8 for Kyrios)

But that Gundams is not retrenched, they're... umm... replaced. Hahaha.
This is just milking the series...LOL
LEon said…
KazeTora: Gundam design never die.

Little Plastic Man: You can say that. However this range of toy prices are quite alright for the parent compare to the transformers and Starwars... Cartoon Network had a piece of the pie in toy market and they will be going somewhere in time to come.

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