22 June 2017

Bandai Gundam MS Imagination Candy Toys Coming

There's always some of the Gundam lover who find battle damage attractive. I am also one of those.

Well if you are into this sector, keep a eye out for the following MS Imagination Series for Candy toys by Bandai in August 2017.

You will have a damage Gundam fully painted

A RX-78 Gundam cut into half missing arms and head...

Zaku damaged with missing leg...

A damaged Zaku's head. My favourite in this series

And a Z'GOK being cut into half too...

These can be good desk display.

These set of 5 releasing in August 2017. Each for 500 Yen.
Is this something you would like?

20 June 2017

Figma Overwatch Tracer Coming

Figma is rolling out the first Overwatch figure Tracer!

Apparently she seems to be getting most of the limelight as there are couple of cosplay of this character.

This toy will include her weapon the twin Pulse pistols...

As figma allow many articulated joints for doing action pose which fans can recreate some of the Time jumping pose.

The figure also include her time bomb. Not too sure if the bomb can stick on surface tho...

This figure is schedule to release at 6,296 Yen on Dec 2017.

Look out for it Overwatch fans!

BANDAI 超合金 Chogokin Lightning McQueen

When you think of Cars it make sense to be Diecast and Bandai is doing just that for the coming Chogokin from Disney Cars, Lightning McQueen !!

This is a 1/18 pacts with many details of  Lightning McQueen.

It comes with 3 changeable faces

You can see the full engine inside and other chrome parts of the cars.

Apparently it seems there are serial number and certification for collection.

This chogokin is schedule to release in November 2017 at 25,920 Yen.

So if you are a Diecast car collectors, this one could be for you!!

16 June 2017

Good Smile Racing Miku Nendoroid 2017

It is another year and it's time for a Good Smile Racing Miku for 2017. 

This year the Racing Miku look like the following in Nendoroid  and it translate very well to an actual toy.

I love the pair of translucent butterfly wings that can be attached on the figure. It make Miku look so fairy like.

The accessories for this figure are the flowers and even a winning award!!

No forgetting Miku get her own ride in it too!!

This figure is schedule to release in November 2017!!

14 June 2017


Some of the younger generation may not know what is Twin bee but it was a cute shooting game back in the 80s in the Nintendo era. Finally after close to 30 years, a Twin Bee figure is about to release.

This is from the PLUM toy maker and the height is estimated at 205mm

The figure comes with full details of the Twin bee both back and front.

The cockpit can be open up but there isn't any pilot. The game do not show any pilot I remember too.

This figure is packed with accessories like extra hands with guns and hammer. Also there is a changeable mouth piece.

The accessories will be a Star hammer and 2 guns.

The mouth piece can be change and it look really cute and cheerful.

This figure is priced at 4,000 Yen releasing in October 2017.

13 June 2017

S.H. Figuarts Dragonball ShengLong Coming

The S.H.Figuarts for Dragonball series has release many characters of Dragonball to date. It is about time to release the real Dragon from the Dragonball series. The first Dragon where it all begin. Sheng Long....

The figure comes with many articulation joint including the body and limbs. This figure comes with it's own stand just to keep it up like it is floating.

The most important would be the mouth is actually able to open and close like asking you what is your wish.

If you are a true Dragonball fans, you may want to get this in your collection.

This would be the most articulated Sheng Long you ever want to date.

This is schedule to release in October 2017 at 9,500 Yen.

Good Luck!!

10 June 2017

1/12 Van from NATIVE

If you are a 1/12 or 6" figure collector like Figma or S.H.Figuarts collector, there is going to be a van produce by Native.

So what is the feature of this Van?

Well apparently one side of the van can be open up exposing what it seems to be a reflective full length windows

The other side of the van can be lifted up for you to put figures in.

There is just some empty spaces in the Van. There is a partition for what it seems to be a changing room... There is no driver seat in this Van tho it seems....

The feature is the top of the car comes with LEDS and when the cover is put back with the light on, the reflective windows from the outside will show what was in the Van.

This van will be selling for 18,800 Yen and will be on sales in September 2017.

For that price, it is quite a price to ask for.

I was told that if you know the history of this van you would know why there is such a soft demand. And if you do not know why then it is still perfectly alright too.

By the way, here is a photo how it will look like inside from the outside with the light on.

PS: This toy is target for 18 years and above....

09 June 2017

Figure-riseBust Miku Hatsune Coming

When Bandai came out with Bust model kit, I was like asking why they want to make anime figure bust? Now since they decided to make a Miku Hatsune bust in their series, I will say now it make sense. LOL.

As most of the model kit in this series, not much painting is needed so I guess it would be a good purchase sense.

This toy is schedule to release in August 2017 and the price will be at 1,944 Yen

08 June 2017

S.H.Figuarts Captain Jacksparrow Coming

As the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is releasing currently, Bandai has show case S.H.Figuarts Captain Jacksparrow.

As this figure is about 6" in size, the detail and outlook is accurate to the character in the movie.

There are 2 face that is exchangeable marking the iconic look of Johnny Deep character of Jack Sparrow.

For accessories there is a Hat, sword, Rum bottle and 2 compass (one open and one closed)

The accessories look great with the figure.

I love the way he look at the compass to get where he want to go.

The listed price would be ¥ 6,480 Yen and it will be releasing on 7th January 2017.

I don't mind getting this if I see this. What about you?

06 June 2017

Bandai Pokémon Model kit Combo Coming

There will be a combo box coming in the Pokemon Plastic Model collection coming in July 2017.

The combo will be a Ho-Oh, Charizard and Pikachu!!

Wait there is something special on this version as both Ho-Oh and Charizard are in shinny skin edition. Which mean lazy model kit collector like me can skip painting all together!!

Pikachu will come with Ash's hat on it and this is smaller than other Pikachu model kit as this series they try to make it to scale with the 2 Pokémon with it I guess...

The set will also come with a backdrop for display.

This set will be selling at 1,900 Yen in July 2017. Look out for it!!

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