Disney Starwars Standing Figures

Today I am going to do a short review on these Starwars figures from a Capsule Machine in China.

I know some of you may be wondering are these original figures and actually licensed. Since there are Disney store in China, I think they could be some degree of official license for it. Although I did not get these in the Disney store, I got it from the Airport.

Attached is the slip that come with every figure in the capsule.

I did a try and the first one I got is Tie Pilot!!

There are no articulation on the figure and the figure is embedded with the base seen in the photo. The detail of the figure is rather good for it size. Even the blaster was not attachable.

The imperial logo was printed on the figure and few of the other colors like blue, white and red are hand painted.

Of course I did go for another go and I got Darth Vader!! As this is another base black figures, there isn't much coloring required.

The only thing I noticed was the helmet painted with glossy paint. I can even see the reflection.

With the glossy paint the surface smoothness is amplify and you can see from the reflection in the photo. I didn't really mind on that as this figure height is just about 5 cm.

If you are a hardcore fan of Starwars, you will notice this pose was the signature pose in Empire Strike Back when Darth Vader made the following statement to Luke Skywalker...

The cost for each turn was about 30 RMB per turn and I only go for 2 tries.

Overall these still look cool and make a good edition for collectors as display. What more can I asked for?

How you find these figures?


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