1/12 Van from NATIVE

If you are a 1/12 or 6" figure collector like Figma or S.H.Figuarts collector, there is going to be a van produce by Native.

So what is the feature of this Van?

Well apparently one side of the van can be open up exposing what it seems to be a reflective full length windows

The other side of the van can be lifted up for you to put figures in.

There is just some empty spaces in the Van. There is a partition for what it seems to be a changing room... There is no driver seat in this Van tho it seems....

The feature is the top of the car comes with LEDS and when the cover is put back with the light on, the reflective windows from the outside will show what was in the Van.

This van will be selling for 18,800 Yen and will be on sales in September 2017.

For that price, it is quite a price to ask for.

I was told that if you know the history of this van you would know why there is such a soft demand. And if you do not know why then it is still perfectly alright too.

By the way, here is a photo how it will look like inside from the outside with the light on.

PS: This toy is target for 18 years and above....


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