MAFEX The Dark Knight The Joker Ver.2.0 Coming

Since S.H.Figuarts are releasing The Dark Knight Joker, the other toy maker in Japan MAFEX is releasing another version of the same Joker.

Being a movie character, the likeness of the character in the movie is very important. I have to say this figure look good from the face and the costume of the actor would played The Joker, Heath ledger.

The figure will come with quite a number of accessories like various weapons and Joker's card.

Although in the movie, The Joker hardly have much screen time carry much weapons, these weapons actually look good on this figure.

I do remember The Joker prefer knife than guns tho...

What make this figure works are really the likeness of the face.
It offer 2 exchangeable expression. The none smiling face with a serious look really hit the mark for a 6" action figure.

It seems Medicom is more serious about The Joker than other 6" figures makers.

Will you get this Joker?

This figure will be releasing in January 2018 at the listed price of 6,800 Yen.


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