30 April 2015

FURUTA Choco Egg Trade Figure TsumTsum

Good news Tsum Tsum lovers! Furuta is releasing in May a trade figure box with some of your favorite TsumTsum.

Although not many inside are Tsum Tsum. There are some figures in it.

If by chance I see this, I will buy a few to try my luck for sure.

28 April 2015

S.H. Figuarts Adult Son Gohan Coming

Dragonball fan may not see this coming but there will be release of Adult Son Gohan in September 2015.

The body are much similar to Gokun but the different would only be the head.

No doubt he is super pose able as the usual in this line.

It comes with special ki blast effect it seems.

This figure is set at listed price of 4,104 Yen.

On the side note, I think it would be better if they make the Great Saiyaman which was more unique to the adult Son Gohan.

What do you think?

26 April 2015

LEGO 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash Review

I never have such fun for a long while but I am so glad to have get this LEGO Hulk Buster set from Age of Ultron.

I hesitated for sometime to see if I want to get this set as the characters of this set look interesting.

First in term of characters of course I am looking for is the Hulk who come with a new shade of Green.

Unlike other Hulks, this version only allow movement on the arms and wrists.

Next is the Ironman with a new suit...

If I did not pay attention to the details of the decals, I would think this is the same suit but what is the new suit for Mark 43? 

Yes that what you claim but we all know such upgrades or updates is like Playstation and windows update and all it said is to fixed bugs and make the system more stable but most of time no user notice any difference...

Okay lets move to the Ultron which in the movie there are multitudes of them like on discount...

Next is a lady and I always thought it was Black Widow...

yes but it turned out to be scarlet witch but I prefer if it is Black Widow. Looking at the LEGO figure really look like Black Widow but we all know Black Widow don't wear dress. Hehehe

So what is the story of this set?

Okay Tony you better have some backup plans...

You may want to do some checks while I review you. The hands are amazing as it comes with each articulated fingers.

Another wonderful thing LEGO has done is to have a stable feet that the figure can balance on one leg.

My kid actually play with this Hulk Buster and it did not have any loose parts. That to me is a big plus!

However in term of scale it is not that accurate like in the movie. The LEGO Hulk buster is much taller than the Hulk himself. Even my kid noticed that...

Okay let's see how this all play out! Hulk vs Hulk Buster!

So there you have. The 5 amazing figures and this set really fun as my kid is having a good time playing with the Hulk Buster.

As usual, not much love for Ultron even tho he is Ultron Prime

If you are still wondering if you should get this set, my advise is just get it! It is fun!!

22 April 2015

RE-MENT Pose Skeleton Dinosaur Series Coming

Coming in July 2015, Re-ment is releasing the Dinosaur series.  Yes it is dino bones with great articulation.

Here is Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 101 - Tyrannosaurus Rex going for 1,650 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 102 - Triceratops at 1,650 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 103 - Stegosaurus at 1,650 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 104 - Brontosaurus at 2,000 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 105 - Pteranodon for 1,350 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 106 - Ankyrosaurus at 1,350 Yen

Poseable Skeleton Dinosaur Series 107 - Pachycephalosaurus at 1,350 Yen

I would take that some of these are different in height but the same scale. It would certainly be interesting to see how it turn out.

The down side would be how the public will response as these quite hard to go with the same theme with the human skeleton unlike the dog skeleton.

What do you think?

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