Power Ranger Wild Force Red Lion

This is one of the Super Mega Force add on that I love. It is the Wild Force Red Lion! ROAR!!

The Key figure for this Zord is the Red Wild Force Red Ranger.

This Lion allow 2 form of add on to the Basic Mega Zord from the Super Mega Force.

Out of the box I simply love the Lion shape and features. Here is the scale of the Ranger and the Lion.

The mouth of the Lion allow you to insert a projectile missile.

Here I inserted the projectile missile and it look like this. Next the Ranger will turn into the key and insert on the top of it's head to release the projectile.

It will look like the following...

It allow a further upgrade on the Lion which look more fierce some like the following...

It has a weapon of the following...

It can bite on this weapon on it mouth and look real good.

Mega Zord can mount on this Lion and I love this version. Kind of make him like a Centaur...

But the ultimate is the Lion full form add on to Mega Zord. He will have a new helmet which look way grand.

Basically the Lion was broken into parts and its both front leg become the Legs of Mega zord.While the both hide legs become shoulder blade on the front. The Spine and the tail became the Grand sword which look like the following.

The head was in the chest and it allow missile projectile when turn the key at the back.

You can choose to use the original sword to form a double blade staff.

I personally love the grand sword. This samurai form look much better with the Lion on his chest.

This is the best form I find so far. Maybe I am bias as I love Lions. LOL

What about you?


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