Tsum Tsum Elsa Plush

Everyone Tsum Tsum player have their own favorite character and mine is Elsa with her frozen power help me to achieve over a million in score. Since I love it so much, I got Elsa as a Tsum Tsum plush!

This is from Disney Store (which I hope it is since there is no Disney Store in Singapore that I have to get from third party).

This was priced at 500 Yen but I paid double for that... How I wished I was in Japan to get this at that price....

Elsa have her "Let it go" dress and her pigtail.

As a Tsum Tsum, Elsa look good as the color theme. Cooling effect.

As  for the front look, the plush have likeness of the Tsum Tsum Elsa just this is more furry as it is a real plush.

My child also like Tsum Tsum and he like to stack it on his head pretending he is a Tsum Tsum. Hehehe

I have thoughts of getting more of Elsa so I can do the link of more than 3 like in the game but that is quite an investment... Let's see how.

Which Tsum Tsum character is your favorite?


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