Mystic Dragon Zord and Green Ranger

Power Ranger Mega Zord have more option in Super Mega Force series and one of them is this Mystic Dragon Zord!

Beside a big Green Ranger, ths key for this Zord is the Red Mystic Ranger.

There is a big Green Ranger which has no articulation was included to stand on the Mystic Dragon. The feature includes using the key to push down to flap the wing of the Dragon.

Here is what I will focus. The upgrade of Mega Zord with this Mystic Dragon Zord.

The Mystic Dragon look decent with movable wings, hands and horns. Too bad the jaw is not moveable.

The body of the Dragon are made of various separate parts which allow to disassemble and combine with Mega Zord.

Two of the legs were upgraded on both feet of the Mega zord.

While each of the wings combine on each side Mega Zord to form up this look.

The Dragon body can be fitted in the Skyship body to give this head from the chest.

Overall this upgrade is fun and look good. My kid love it but I find the wings should fit more to the back and bigger to make it more majestic.

Well the important thing is my kid like it so he can spend more time playing in this form of Mystic Dragon Mega Zord form.

How do you find this add on? Is it good?


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