Power Ranger Super Mega Force Deluxe Super Mega Saber

My kid power ranger toy review continue as this week it is the Deluxe Super Mega Saber!!

This is much of the standard weapon that the Super Mega Force Power Ranger should have. It feature the sound and lights the blade of the saber. It is soft plastic and quiet safe for children to play with.

Here is how it look on my child's hand. Just nice for him.

It comes with a Blue ranger which is a key. Every of this saber come with a Blue ranger.

If you need to activate the key you got to push the button from the front and the key slot will be lowered down. 

You then insert the key into the slot and once turning the key, the sound and light will be activated.

You can see the blade will light up and sound will sound.

My child play this for hours and the battery seems to able to last for quite long. Even today I do not need to change the batteries.

I have limited chance to talk more on this saber as my child kept playing with it and even carry when he sleep. He said it has light in the dark. I have to limit him activating during bedtime as the sound is quite loud. LOL

Still it is a fun toy for him.


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