29 November 2014

1/144 HGBF Build Burning Gundam Review

It has been sometime I build a Gunpla and the latest Gundam Build Fighter Try Burning Gundam get me excited. I will share with you how and what make this Gunpla interesting!

It took about 1.5 hours to build up this and I have to say with the size and all, this Gundam is really as accurate as in the Anime.

This is a naked Gundam which are those few who do not have guns, shield or sword. All it has was lot of his hands and some special effect which is great for me.

So basically there isn't much to shout about right? Wrong. This Gunpla offer quite a lot of fun pack.

First the articulation is quite flexible. One of the feature was the chest expanding area which allow both of the hands to meet.

Here are some of the pose this Gundam can do!

He can the Taichi!

Even with great balance of the Crane pose like the Karata Kid can be done!

Because the hands can meet, you can do the Kamehameha charging pose.

More fun part begin as this Gunpla offer alternative mode to Burning mode which you can change the color pats from Blue to Orange.

Can you notice the color part change? Totally another feel.

Now Burn mode on and let's max it shall we? Start pushing the limit!!

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Flame on!

Okay if you are wondering how the part fit, it fitted at the back. Nice effect that comes with the model kit.

Okay on with the story. Push higher!! AHHhhhhh!!!!!!

Fire Punch!!

Finish it with the Fire Burning kick too!

It has been sometime I encounter such a fun model kit packed with good effect and articulation.

This Burning Gundam deserved some applause. By the way, he can do clapping by himself! How rare you seen such Gunpla?

Honest opinion, HG is fitting for this Gunpla as in the Anime the size of this just fit nicely on a hand of a teenager.

PS: The burning fire flame effect on the photo are just illustration, the toy effect do not burn but this figure is a HOT as in the popular figure now.

What do you think about this Burning Gundam?

28 November 2014

Nendoroid Elsa from Forzen Coming

Elsa from Frozen, the Queen of Ice and currently the popular one in Disney is going to Nendoroid form by Good Smile Company.  And you know what? It is amazingly Cute!

She will be coming with 3 facial expression and this is her "Let it go" form when you built her own crystal ice castle. She is not alone in this toy series, Good smile throw in Olaf a snowman who love the sunshine.

Her costume sparkles and she come with a base where she sung "Here I stand!" part. She even have a nice blue heel!

They gave her a translucent gown and you can see the detail of the frozen crystal pattern. 

She will be releasing in May 2015 at 4,200 Yen.

Will you Let it go to pick this Elsa out? Or will you totally forgotten about her by the time she release in May as that is almost 6 months later?

Anyway here the popular video of her transformation and Sing-along.

Let it go! Let it go!! Let your money go!!

27 November 2014

McDonalds One Piece Chopper

One of the most popular character than many go crazy with would be Chopper. A character that spin off various product appealing to man and woman....okay more to the ladies as Chopper is cute.

And McDonald did not disappoint us with the cute Chopper in this series.

McDonald also did a good job for trying to keep the figure to scale. See how much smaller was chopper....

Yes it is selling the same price tho. LOL

Chopper like the rest have it own base and he got a big lot and more to the front.

This Chopper was given a stress expression balancing and running on a barrel. As a toy figure, you can actually roll the barrel with Chopper standing still.

At the back of Chopper, you can see he is more of resting on the barrel than running.

A closed up for Chopper helpless expression like "Why is this happening to me?".

If you are wondering how this barrel actually roll, it is because the two side barrel circle is like a wheel while the center is stationary. Smart design.

Here's a close up from the bottom that they put 4 peg on the base to keep it in place. There is a hole for the base to be connected and secure it.

Here's how Chopper is like on the base...

I was hoping they give a more happy or cute expression for Chopper. Nonetheless Chopper still have his charm to his faithful follower. Many will go for him. It always remind me of Christmas...oh it is coming soon too Christmas!

Are you a Chopper fan?

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26 November 2014

McDonalds One Piece Franky

This week the character on sales at McDonalds Singapore are Franky and Chopper. So I will review Franky the funky one first.

Franky has a base and it is the top hatch of the Thousand Sunny as that was his creation being a Ship builder.

You can see the pattern of the top hatch.

As the figure, Franky is in his element of showman ship. .

When you pull the out reached right hands, the shades will move down and he will give the I am cool smile.

This is the early Franky where he is wearing Speedo shorts and Hawaii shirt.

The figure that I got do have some gap and misalignment as the star on his hand did not match up....

Nonetheless this Franky figure has his own charm of looking cool and stood up in his group. Nonetheless, the base is quite small for him...

Still it is a good looking figure with funny cool action.

Do you like Franky?

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22 November 2014

Mcdonald One Piece Roronoa Zoro

In this first week of McDonalds One Piece release with Nico Robin is Roronoa Zoro. He is another wanted Pirates...

Honestly this figure really trigger me to have an instant purchase due to his cute expression.

The base was one part in the middle right center piece of the Thousand Sunny.

Zoro like in the Manga and Anime arms with 3 swords. One on the mouth and another on each hands. It is one of his signature move as a swordman.

You may notice this is a much earlier Zoro as the figure as he had not have a scar on his left eye.

At the back of Zoro was a button but this actually trigger some action of this Zoro toy.

You can see the figure in action through this link to our Instagram in Video! See this Zoro in action here!

Among the Robin and Zoro, this Zoro seems to be the popular one this week. Do you agree this Zoro is cooler than Robin?

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21 November 2014

Mcdonald One Piece Nico Robin

The wanted One Piece collectible has been found in McDonald Singapore.

Nico Robin was one of the main character in that series and she's lovely yet quite powerful.

This figure was more toward the earlier Robin although the toy figure was more toward SD mode...

Nico Robin dressed in the theme of purple. She don't just have a pretty face or hot body, but she is an archaeologist with a vast knowledge of history and cultures.

Close up of Nico Robin and you will notice she is rather fair like the Anime version.

This toy provide a base for the figure to stand on as the leg would be too thin to balance the whole figure. The base has the ability to combine and it would form the shape of the Thousand Sunny Ship. Nico was the top left of that combine base. You can see part of the Straw hat pirate logo on the sail.

Here is the full display of McDonalds Nico Robin standing well on the base thanks to the short peg from the base that fit into one of her leg.

The toy offer the action of her "Hana Hana no Mi" ability by pressing the button at the back of her head.

Once you keep the button pressed from the back, her many arms "Hana Hana no Mi" ability will be displayed. Some commented the figure of this pose resemble some Chinese deity pose.

The figure has a string on top of the head for collectors to hang her on bags or other accessories.

Fans of Nico Robin should consider getting her although this version do not show her sexy body in the anime.

Somehow when I look at this Nico Robin figure, it always give me an impression she is saying Hi and accepting all the fans applause...

This figure currently are selling at Singapore McDonalds till 23th of November 2014 while stock last.

What do you think of this figure?

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