Edge of the cup Fuchiko Huge Bucket Maid M

My friend went to Japan and get me this Maid figure. It was from a capsule machine.

She came from the Edge of the cup Fuchiko Maid M series where you can use these capsule toys to decorate much of the dinning decoration like some will hold up fork, cream cup, chopsticks and toothpick.

And apparently this is already series 3.

The figure is a cute young girl dress in french maid uniform carrying a huge bucket and comes with a bucket cover.

The detail of this figure is decent even considering the size.

Here is the close up of her cute face. Look good!

The bucket itself is quite deep. I am not certain what this bucket suppose to do. Maybe for sugar?

If going by sugar this may be able to take up around 8 tea spoon or so....but seriously would you put sugar in this plastic bucket?

The cover of the bucket and be placed on top of it.

You can see the cover fit nicely.

If you wonder what she is wearing, flip her around and you would see a white polka dots but red underwear.

Overall this is a fun display toy. I should put it to good use.

Do you have any suggestion?


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