Starwars Black Series 6" Boba Fett

When Hasbro release the 6" Black series I was excited and I tell myself to get some of the figures that I wanted as they are bigger and look better in display with more detail to look upon. Imagine I saw the 6" Boba Fett at the retail being the last one there, I grab it without thinking.

I have to confess that this is my first experience with the Hasbro Starwars 6" series and I would be honest to see if this is up to my expectation.

The accessories of Boba Fett is simple. They give him a blaster and a rifle and they remove the Jet pack as a stand alone. Although I feel the jet pack should always be with Boba as it is part of his iconic costume.

Out of box Boba Fett look good for 6". With a bigger scale, you get to see more details.

The Jetpack is attachable on his back by just a hole to plug in. It hold well in that possible so it is a good design. Boba look complete with Jet pack.

For the details you get to see the mandalorian insigma on his shoulder. The color of the green to me look quite bright. If it is duller or darker will look better.

Hasbro gave quite a good weathering for this Bobafett such as his right top part of the helmet and various location of dents... One of it was a dent on his helmet which could have saved his life.

Looking at the details of the dent is interesting that there are event some dent on his cup.... that may also saved his "life" too. LOL

Enough of the joke above, I would like you to remember the two front pouches on both side of the leg near the waist area.

Because of those two pouches, it prevent both leg (upper thigh) to move forward. That is one disappointment in articulation...

Just as you think it won't get any worst, the ankles have limited movement too. Not too sure it is across all Bobafett figures or it is just the one that I got.... Just look at the photo below and you will notice the left ankle didn't move so much as the right does....

The only consolation is that with the leg articulation in pose, I still can get him to do the Oppa Gangnam style. :D

Now about the blaster for his accessories, this is done good as it can place in his holster well on his side. See how smooth you can pose him drawing the blaster.

With that you can do some stylish pose. Boba is so cool. Can you feel the wind and moving in slow motion?

Regarding the blaster rifle is another story. I would think he look great with it until I put on it and trying to pose with it.

The only good pose view was in this way for both hands holding it.

But if you look closer at the top angle, you would notice something is quite off at the butt of the rifle...

At this position, the butt of the rifle was totally bend!

And if you try to point the rifle forward, you can only do with one hand as the other can never reached the rifle to secure it...

Even though with all these imperfection, these articulations issue would have also appear on the 3.75 inches scale figures. Here is the scale difference between 6" with 3.75". See the difference since you can see it has more details.

Along side with other 6", the scale look harmonious with other 6" figures of other manufactures. Here's Batman and Boba admiring each other as both are into gadgets and good at it.

In conclusion, in view of details and display it is way better than the 3.75 inches ones. However the articulation and the limited way to get the figure to hold their arms is a let down....

Nonetheless, I am still happy to have this 6" Bobafett in my collection now. I would be getting more selective 6" from this series just to display.

There will be more 6" Starwars toys to come from other manufactures beside Hasbro but so far I seen Hasbro having better looking figure than other Japanese toy maker who obtain the license... Only time will tell.

Do you like this Bobafett in 6"?


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